What are the best fan brands ?

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There are a huge number of manufacturers and companies vying for your business when it comes to buying a fan. There are a number of things to consider and the first of these is what type of fan you want. If you go for a ceiling fan, you will avoid the eye-sore of a large unit sitting in the corner of your room. This also makes them ideal for rooms without a great deal of spare space. Many of these ceiling fans are quite attractive objects and can be found in a style that matches the rest of your room décor. For many, this is what comes to mind when you think of a fan and this will be the best option. There are, however, significant advantages to a standalone fan as well. Whilst standalone fans require a bit more ground space, they can be moved from room to room as and when you need them, whereas ceiling fans are fixed. Indeed, they can even be stored during the winter months when they are not needed. Whilst ceiling fans need installation by a profession and thus incur an extra cost and need more time to get running, standalone fans can simply be taken home and plugged in. Finally, at the top end of the range, the ceiling fan is nowhere near as powerful as the latest standalone models.

Ceiling Fans

If you are going for a ceiling fan then there are some major companies to consider. At the lower end of the range you could consider Typoon and Nimrod. These companies produce standard fans for as little as £50. These tend to be between 30 and 42 inches and will provide a gentle breeze when activated by a pull string. For a little more money Nimrod also offer remote controlled fans with various settings. Hawker are another company to consider and their ceiling fans come in a wooden style more pleasing to the eye. They offer both remote controlled and pull-string operated fans and these cost between £65 and £100 depending on the size and model. A final company to consider is Scimitar, whose fans cost over £70 in general but also come with spot lights meaning you are paying for a fan and lighting system in one. All of these fans are decent and dependable and represent fairly good value for money.

Standalone Fans

If it’s a standalone fan that you are after then you’ll want to think a little more about your price range. At the top of the range you have got companies such as Dyson. These models really are the state of the art in fan technology. They are in fact more like a portable air conditioning unit than a standard fan. Further, they not only cool but also operate as a heater so that you can get the room to exactly the temperature you want. Where many standalone fans are a pretty big eye-sore, these Dyson models are specially designed and look sleek and modern. These products are amazing but you should expect to pay upwards of £300 for one. There are much cheaper standalone options as well. One of the very cheapest to consider is the Tesco Air Cooler which is a decent standalone fan available for under £50. Two companies between these two ends of the range are Q-Connect and Heaven Fresh.

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