Choosing a manual epilator


Another option when it comes to epilating is a manual epilator. These are much harder to use and get the best results with than electricity powered epilators, but they are another option for hair removal, especially when it comes to facial hair.


One option is an epistick. This is a small metal and plastic device that looks something like a large cotton bud. With an epistick you bend the stick into an inverted "U" shape and then you place this stick against the hairs you want to remove. You hold the handles of the stick and then twist the stick in opposite directions, trapping the hairs between the tightly coiled springs which then grip and remove them in one swift movement. These products are much slower to use and less user friendly, but you can become an expert in using them and get some of the best results for facial hair removal. These models are very simple and can be bought for just a couple of pounds, making them a very viable alternative to a facial hair electronic epilator.


In the USA there is a major leader in handheld and manual epilators, a company called Bellabe. Their products are much like those discussed above but they are a very well made product and can be trusted to last a long time and work well. The Bellabe website offers videos and guides teaching you how to get the most out of your product as well so if you are going to go for this option it’s a good idea to use their site. Though there are a US product they are also available to a UK market (see the final section of the guide). The Bellabe model itself is slightly more expensive and costs around £10.

Threading Devices

There are other manual epilators on the market too. They are a more complex version of the above epistick, but they can still be made to work to the user’s great advantage and some user’s prefer these models. These models replicate the procedures used in eyebrow threading, trapping the hair between two tightly wound strings and then closing the strings over the hairs and forcing it out. Some people find these models easier to use on another person so they are often made use of by make-up artists and beauty salons, but buying one for your home is another option. These models are also great value and can be found from as little as £5 to £10.

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