Best epilator brands


As discussed, there are many brands out there when it comes to epilators. There are a range of options available to you and you may find there are significant differences between one model and another. There are some very expensive epilators which may be worth investing in depending on your needs, and there are some more basic epilators available at great prices. There are also some specialist epilators designed for different things. This part of the guide will discuss good brands in each of these categories.

The Best Epilators

One of the best epilators you might consider is the Panasonic ES-ED90-P511 Epilator. This makes use of the latest technology in epilating and has a 60° pivot system, which provides for greater efficiency and reduces the time it will take to shave by ensuring that all 48 tweezers in the epilator are used at once. It provides ultra-short hair removal and will remove hairs that are less than 0.5mm long. The model has also got a ‘super luminosity LED light’ which illuminates hairs so that you can find any unremoved hair easily and get rid of it. The product comes with a variety of attachments as well including a specialist foot care attachment that allows you to remove dead skin cells and smooth out calluses on your feet as well as the normal functions of shaving your legs and other body hair. This epilator is one of the best on the market and is completely waterproof, lasts for 40 minutes without any cords or cables and takes only an hour to charge. It will cost you something around the £120 mark though.

More Basic Epilators

If you want to go for something a little more basic that will get the job does but is less of a pampering kit for perfectionists then you can do a lot worse than looking at Panasonic’s cheaper models, or models made by rival company Braun. Both these companies offer epilators somewhere between the £40 to £60 mark that are perfectly good products. The Barun Silk-épil 3 is a great option for easy hair removal and specializes in working in a gentle way to keep you comfortable during shaving. The model has massaging rollers to ‘stimulate and massage your skin’ to ease the epilation and make it less painful. This model is a bargain at £40. The Panasonic Wet and Dry Epilator focusses on its ability to be used in and out of the bath which can help those getting ready to go out in a hurry. It provides a very close epilation and costs around £60 making it another very strong choice for most consumers looking for a good quality but basic epilator.

Specialist Epilators

You might also be interested in a specialist epilator such as those designed for your facial hair. Several companies offer facial hair epilators which can be used to shape and control eyebrows and to remove any unwanted hair from the face in an efficient and painless way. These models have much smaller head attachments than the standard epilators so that you can be more precise when using it. The Braun Face 810 model costs somewhere around £70 but boasts the ability to pluck over 200 hairs a second and can keep your face free of hair for up to four weeks with just one use. Whichever epilator you go for, make sure you check the instructions and the websites of the products where you will find all sorts of advice for how to get the best out of your product as well as the basic guide to using it.

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