Electric toothbrushes for kids: what's the difference?


Children’s teeth have very different needs to adults. Of course, you’ll be very familiar with children’s toothbrushes from the stores, and you’ll know that they tend to come in a range of appealing colours and shapes designed to attract the eye of children and make teeth cleaning an easier and less painful process. You can also get all their favourite children’s TV characters on your toothbrushes, which will be a good way of making teeth cleaning fun and appealing if you are struggling to get your child to brush properly and regularly. Almost all the major brands offer a wide range of such brushes, so just check their websites or browse in store.

Though appearance can be key in getting your children into a good tooth brushing routine, there are some much more important technical differences between adult and children’s electric toothbrushes. Most of these brushes are designed to help children brush longer and better. They have something like an EZ Timer, which encourages children to brush for 1 minute on the top row and 1 minute on the bottom row before letting the user know that the time has elapsed. Two types of brush to have this feature are the Oral B Stages Power range and the Sonicare for Kids range. Children’s electronic toothbrushes also have a smaller brush head specially designed for kids. This can reach parts of their mouths that the larger brush would be unable to clean.

Sonicare for kids

The Sonicare for Kids is one of the strongest ranges of children’s brushes. The range offers some more exciting aesthetic features to help kids get going with tenth cleaning. Their brush even has interchangeable panels so that kids can personalize their brush. The brush also has two power modes, which run at 40% and 60% of the power that the Sonicare adults brush uses. Children need a lower power brush so that their younger gums are not damaged. The two speeds mean that very small children can have a softer clean whilst other kids can make use of a more powerful one.

Oral B Vitality kids range

The Oral B Vitality kids range is also worth considering. These are a cheap option available at most supermarkets. They come in a range of colours and themes including Disney themed brushes. The brush has all the regular features including a comfortable non-slip grip so that children can hold the brush easily and steadily. These brushes are not as complex as the Sonicare for Kids range but they will do the job for your child’s early years cleaning.

Oral B also offer some changeable heads for children, so that in theory, the whole family can use the same electric brush but with different heads. Of course, this means that you will miss out on the softer reduced power options offered by the Sonicare range, but the softer bristles of the brush compensate for this. Remember, it is recommended that children change their brush heads every 3 months, whereas adults brush heads last for something closer to 6 months.

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