Women’s Electric Razors


Though traditionally a masculine thing, the womens electric razor has taken off in recent years. Still not as popular as the men’s models, there are now many options on the market for women looking to save time and effort when it comes to shaving.

The standard razors

A standard women’s electric razor tends to be a little cheaper than the models made for men. This may be down to the fact that they need less power and strength to cut hair than with coarser men’s hair. A decent Braun ladies electric razor costs around £22 for the basic model, where the Remington models begin at around £25. Both companies also offer their budget versions for as little as £14. The cheaper men’s razors are not particularly advisable but when it comes to women’s razors these cheaper models do tend to do a job. These are wet and dry shavers which is more important for women as for men as they often tend to shave in the bath or shower.

Specially designed razors

Phillips are one company who offer a few variants on the standard women’s electric razor and these innovative models may appeal to the consumer. For instance, they offer a specially designed model for bikini lines which has a smaller head for a more precise shave.

Razor and shaving packages

At the top end of the scale in the women’s market are packages of razors which meet every need. The Braun Silk-épil 7 SkinSpa is one of the best products on the market for women looking for a papered shaving experience. By all means this is the equivalent of the Braun series seven range for men. The package features 2 beauty treatments, a set of epilators and exfoliators and a state of the art shaver. Braun boast that the product actually provides a better quality of short hair removal than waxing and a better level of exfoliation than a manual scrub. The Braun epilator removes the shortest, finest hairs, as short as 0.5mm and gives the cleanest shave possible. This set costs around £100 and is something of a bargain at that price especially when compared to the cost of men’s shaving kits. If its still too steep however, Braun also offer a smaller package at around £50 which does the same job with less state of the art technology and less options for the user.

On the whole, the female electric shaver market is on this rise and at the moment there are some great value products on offer. In general the same brands famous in men’s razor manufacturing are to be trusted, though there are a few other brands who specifically make good female razors. These include BaByliss and Queen of Prostyle. Overall, there is a much better value for money in the women’s razor market, at the moment at least.

Last update: 08/04/2020 on 21:29. All prices are updated daily.