Where to buy an Electric razor ?


When it comes to buying an electric razor you have several options. You should first think about what you are interested in based on the information provided above.

Buying the top of the range razors or electric razor packages

If you are after the most state of the art Braun razor system with the very latest in razor technology for the full male grooming experience, then you might want to start by going directly to the very useful Braun website and browsing their products. Don’t forget that the rival brands discussed here do offer competitive razors at the top end of the scale as well, so it might be worth comparing them against each other to ensure that you get the best value for money. If it’s a very specific model you decide upon, then get it online from one of the manufactures recommended suppliers found of their individual websites. This goes for the men’s and women’s razors and electric razor sets. Otherwise, your best bet is probably to take to the high street.

Buying a standard electric razor

Unless you’ve got something very specific in mind, you’ll probably be looking to spend somewhere between £30 and £100. In this price range, your best bet is probably just to browse all your local high street stores and pharmacies to find the best deals on the product you want. It is very common for one brand of electric razor to be on sale at one time and another to be on sale the next week. However, it not really worth getting too set on a particular brand if you are spending in this price range. As long as you choose a reputable manufacturer your product is going to do all the things you need it to. Your best bet is to decide broadly what type of razor you want and then look around all the stores to see who is offering the cheaper deals and best discounts.

Elecrtric razor stores

The two main types of store you can buy from are electric stores and pharmacies. Electrical stores like Curry’s, Argos and Maplin will stock electric razors and may have an impressive range depending on which store you are in. Your other option, and probably the best way to get a good selection, is to visit a large pharmacy such as Boots or Superdrug. These stores stock a large range of razors and tend to cater for all price ranges. Finally, you could try a supermarket like Tesco or Asda, particularly these larger mega stores. These shops do have a decent range, and they also offer their own very cheap versions which are not as reliable as the brands discussed here but which may do the job for you if you are looking for something temporary or a way to save money. Largely your choice of store comes down to whether you see an electric razor as an indulgent treat or a functional necessity. If you just want to have a quick shave and are not interested in male grooming then these supermarket models may do the job for you.

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