Best Electric razor brands


One of the leading manufacturers in all electrical toiletries from toothbrushes to razors is Braun.

Braun electric razor

Braun are a reputable company with whom you can be sure of a great quality product with a high level of performance and great reliability. Braun have literally dozens of razors to choose from and this will be no easy task when it comes to choosing the one you want. Their razors are broken down into seven different series each more complex and powerful than the last. If you are after a relatively simple razor then start at series one and look at the models on offer. If you’re an experienced shaver looking for the full power razor giving you the latest in male grooming then go straight to the series seven models which feature state of the art male grooming technology. A series one razor does the job for most people and is a bargain at only £25. On the other end of the scale the series seven razor costs nearly £200 from most vendors but comes with an epic ‘cleaning centre’ to make any man proud. With your Braun razor it really depends on what you want personally and on how much you want to spend. Anything from the Ferrari of razors right down to the Ford Focus of the chaving world, Braun will have an answer for you. Its also worth noting that Braun do special travel razor so if you are shaving on the move regularly then you should look into these models. Further, their website is worth a look and takes you through the different models on offer in a clear and straightforward way.

Panasonic razor products

A rival brand is Panasonic, who are also one of the top selling brands of razor. The range here is much like the Braun razors though their top end products are not as fancy and powerful as those available at Braun. For the average shaver though they offer a good range going from £25 to upwards of £100 in most cases. The models are small and easy to use, are wireless and rechargeable and unlike Braun, come in a variety of different colours and styles which makes then nice razors for gifts and presents.

Phillips elecrtic razor

Phillips are another brand well worth considering when buying your razor. They are in the same league as Panasonic and are around the same price Range too. Phillips offer some nice specially designed wet and dry shave razors which is a decent feature to have. Dry shaving is best for when you are on the move and travelling, but the wet shave experience is generally considered more enjoyable at home. You’ll be paying about £60 for once of these which, from experience, is well worth it. Phillips also offer a great little travel shaver which costs only £15 and whilst it takes a little while to shave with this product, it fits easily into a
small bag or carry case and will give you a close shave after a new minutes shaving.


A final brand to consider is Remington, the first brand to significantly develop the electric razor. Remington razors are a direct rival of Phillips because they are similar products at similar prices. The Remington razor ranges from about £50 to £100 and they usually allow for both wet and dry shaves. Choosing between Phillips and Remington may simply come down to personal preference.

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