Where to buy an electric heater ?


When it comes to making your purchase, you’ve got quite a bit to think about. Where you buy your product from is important as it gives you the security of knowing you will be looked after through any problems you might have after purchase. The other major consideration, depending on what product you are going for, is installation.

Standalone electric heaters

If you’re going for a standalone heater like the Dyson model discussed here then you have a lot of options. As well as going direct to the manufacturer online, you can buy from any major home appliance website and a number of high street stores as well. John Lewis stock these top of the range Dyson products as well as some other rival standalone heaters. Other electronics stores like Curry’s and Maplin are also trustworthy options. These heaters don’t need any installation so you can just take them home from the store or get them delivered and get going immediately.

Panel heating

Panel heating needs to be properly installed. When making your purchase check all the installation costs and check that you will have a professional sent to your home to install your products and make sure that they are running safely and correctly. Most major companies should offer this service, but it may sometimes be included in the price and at other times charged at an extra rate. Make sure you are aware when costing up the various options as some companies may at additional costs at a later point in the buying process. Buying online from a manufacturer is likely to be the best option here, unless you are going for the Wickes option in which case you could go direct to the store and speak to a qualified advisor there.

Underfloor heating

If you are keen on the Wickes option then the purchasing process is relatively straight forward. Wickes website offers a clear list of models. If not, the process is likely to be much the same as it is with panel heating. You’ll want to compare costs, consider the installation process and work out which companies are offering the best prices, deals and discounts once all the costs have been considered. You’ll also want to weigh up the difference between underfloor and panel heating and do some research into which of the two will offer you the best value for money after purchase as well as comparing the initial costs. Depending on your home one of the two methods may work out much cheaper in the course of a year than the other. As this purchase is a big one, it might be worth trying to speak to a professional about it before you decide. There are websites dedicated to helping you choose a system but really the specifications of your home are so important that you might want to get someone round to explain things to you and take your own needs into account.

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