How to choose panel heating ?


If you are thinking of having electric panel heating installed then you should start with a look at the market leader in electrical heating, Dimplex.

The market leader

They offer 8 main types of panel heating and thse come in a variety of styles so that you can be sure to have a set of electric panels that suit the style and design of your home. They also offer different colour finishing on your panels so that you really can match them up to your furniture or walls. The Dimplex website is straightforward and easy to use and it features plenty of images so that you can be sure that you are getting a product you will like. The website lists the features of each unit and will let you work out which is best for you. Further, they have a ‘How to Choose’ guide which asks you a number of questions about your needs and home before giving you some recommendations.

As well as all this, Dimplex offer a great range of electronic controls for your heating so that you can stay on top of how you are using your heating, what temperature your home is and how often your heating system iis on. These displays have a clear electronic panel which gives you all the information you need to get the most out of your heating system. In addition to this, they offer not only whole home heating but also single room or partial home heating if its just some of your home that needs a heating system, so there are options for everyone.


A competing brand of electric heater is Dyson, the famous vacuum cleaner and designer cleaning product producer. Dyson heaters are very different to the more traditional forms offered by Dimplex. The Dyson heater is a real work of art. These are standalone heaters which simply need to be plugged into a socket. They have been designed not to take up much space at all and feature the most stylish deigns. You may even want to put your Dyson heater in full view to get the most out of its space age style. It features the latest technology and not only heats but cools your room. You can set your desired temperature and in a very short time have your room at the perfect temperature for you. These models however fantastic, do not come cheap, and you should be paying between £350 and £400 for one of these heating systems. Remember as well, they only heat one room at once.


Another company to consider who are in more direct competition with Dimplex is Herschel. These heaters are similar to the Dimplex models but they are more expensive and, predictably, better quality and style. A Herschel heating panel can cost upwards of £300. However, they do reduce heating costs once you start using them, so you might make some money back on your initial investment. These models also come with a 10 year warrantee direct from the manufacturer.

When considering which brand to get you’ll need to think about how much you need to heat, and balance the cost of purchase and installation against the cost of running the products, their durability and how appropriate they are for your home is style and size.

Last update: 31/10/2020 on 03:51. All prices are updated daily.