How to choose floor heating ?


If you’re going to spend a couple of hundred pounds or more then you should be aware that underfloor heating is available in your price range. Decent floor heating systems are much cheaper than they once were, and a room can be fitted with floor heating from around £100 these days. Underfloor heating is the fastest way to heat a room to the desired temperature and the best way to maintain consistent room temperatures.

There are two main types of underfloor heating that you should consider. It largely depends what type of room you are looking to heat.

The Heating Mat

The first of these types is a heating mat. This is a roll of matting which lis underneath your flooring just a couple of millimetres below the surface. The mat conducts heat and warms the floor from below. It can be easily installed, requires no maintenance and is completely unnoticeable once its in use. The heating mats vary in the amount of power they use, meaning that some have a faster heating speed. The mats start at £120 for the less powerful and go up to almost £300 for the most powerful heating mats. These mats have all received excellent customer reviews across the board online.

The Heating Wire

The second option for you is the heating wire, or loose heating wire. This is a similar system but instead of a mat it makes use of a hard metal wire system which likewise lies such below your floor surface. This type of heating is for tiles, making it a better choice for your bathroom. It is of course safe to use around water. The heating wire, like the heating mat, varies in price depending on strength and power, starting from £80 and going up towards £300. Bear in mind that these prices are for a single mat or wire grid, which covers about 1.5-2 square metres. If you’ve got a large room to heat you’re going to need to fit several of these, so you’ll want to factor that into your cost.

Where to get one.

Wickes are a huge and trustworthy company who are most well known for supplying builders and construction companies. They offer two types of undefloor heating, both the mat and the wire, which are suitable for most homes, easy to afford and easy to install. You’ll also need the Wickes Therostat to use with them, so make sure you factor that into the price too.

For general underfloor heating you should consider some other companies such as Warmup, Myson and DEVI. If its wet underfloor heating for your bathroom that you’re after then some of the other main companies are Nu-Heat and Uponer.

Last update: 04/08/2020 on 19:31. All prices are updated daily.