Where to buy a BBQ ?


Having assessed all the types, its now important to think about how you might go about getting your hands on the barbequing product that you think is right for you. This is a big question and in summary there is one key answer. The place you should be from depends almost entirely on the type of bbq you are choosing.

The Big Gas BBQ Machines!

If you’re going for the big gas bbqs discussed at the beginning of this article, and you’re going to part with several hundred pounds, you should think carefully about where to spend the money. There are always online options, but with a product of this size you’re probably going to want to actually go and see the product you’ll be buying. You’ll want your huge BBQ system to match you and your intentions, as well as your house and garden. It’s a good idea to stick to major trustworthy companies, especially when spending big money. Go and browse the bbqs at B&Q or Homebase, who will offer you all the advice and help you choose the right one. These shops offer products in the £100 to £500 range. If you’re going bigger, you might want to seek out a specialist barbequing shop.

The electric options

Electric bbq options are less variable and they are a more straightforward product with less variation and less to go wrong. They are also much smaller and easily to deliver. This makes buying the product online a much more viable option that it is for the gas bbq.

One option is the Tefal elective bbq, which is a highly recommended item and usually makes the Top 5 BBQ lists online. These lists are worth consulting before making your choice. The Tefal model is usually available for around £150 from outlets such as Lakeland who offer free delivery. Cheaper models from around £50 are available on Amazon. One such is the Severin 2500W model which is as basic as they come but which is cheap and will still come with a warrantee if you buy it through Amazon.

The George Foreman

With the George Foreman you have very little to worry about when it comes to where to buy from. The product is so widely known and distributed that you will find it at any Home and Kitchen stores and even some major supermarkets. The product is manufactured by a reputable company and therefore comes with its own security. The price depends on the size, and they start at as little as £20 if you can find somewhere that offers a discount. There are many discounts available on Amazon and this is one of the cheaper options for buying the grill. There are also products available on eBay, who in fact offer their own guide about buying electric bbqs and grills. If you choose this option just make sure that you trust the seller. On the whole these grills are so cheap that you might as well choose to buy from a reputable seller. If you want to weigh up the options you should look at georgeforemancooking.com, but be aware that the products may be cheaper elsewhere.

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