How to choose a gas barbecue ?


The bbq is the centre of any man’s garden set-up. No garden is complete without the bbq, the sign of good food, a good party and a good summer. The BBQ can really be a source of pride for the owner. People take great care preparing their barbecue and spend hours or even whole days using them. This makes choosing the right one a big project in itself.

Best gas bbq

Of course, bbqs are arguably the oldest form of cooking. These days though, they have come far from the basic charcoal and fire, and make use of the latest in cooking technology and developments in gas and electric as well as the newest innovations in design and mechanics.

The most common form of bbq is the gas run model. These bbqs simulate the traditional outdoor bbq cooking process by heating food using natural or propane gas. You will have a gas canister which usually sits below your bbq and will need to be replaced when the gas runs out. These gas bbq models either heat the food directly from the flame or they heat the grill itself which then radiates the food. Newer models have started to use infrared as well to heat the enclosed grill fast when the lid is closed. These additions however, do mean that you are using something that operates more like an outdoor oven than a conventional bbq. If you want to stick with tradition, go for the basic gas bbq that heats the food directly from the flame, simulating the quality of an original bbq.

Gas bbq options

Gas bbqs come in a huge range of sizes, from the small single grill type to huge several tiered barbequing systems with storage space for cooking items, places to keep cooked food warm and different sections for cooking at different heats. The smaller single grill bbqs generally start at around £100 if you avoid the very cheap and less reliable options. If you are prepared to go big however, you can spend a lot of money on your bbq system. The larger and more complex systems can reach prices upwards of £700. You can of course spend in the thousands on a giant garden cooking system, some of which are really quite remarkable. have produced an article on the ten most expensive barbequing systems available, and whilst these are clearly not designed for the average buyer, a look at the site does give you a sense of how important bbqs are to people and how much has gone into designing some state of the art models.

In case the more common gas bbq is not the right product for you, the rest of this guide will take you through a couple of different options. First, it will look at electric bbq options, which is the main alternative to a gas bbq. Then it will look at grill systems such as the famous George Foreman grill. Finally, the article will advise you on where and how you might buy a bbq, whichever option you go for.

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