Where to buy a DVD Player ?


The final part of this article will discuss how you can get the best deals on a DVD or combined DVD and Blu-Ray player. It will discuss the options available to you when it comes to choosing a store to buy your product from. There are various reasonable options on the high street and also some great deals and discounts available online.

The High Street

Your best bet when it comes to buying on the high street is an electronics store like PC World or Curry’s. Curry’s stock most of the models discussed here as well as some more unusual products such as portable and in-car DVD players which are useful for families making long journeys. They tend to offer competitive rates on all these products and they also have a very useful website which allows you to compare the features of each model easily. Another store worth considering here is Argos who offer many DVD players below the £30 mark. Another option for you, somewhat surprisingly, is a larger supermarket. Larger Tesco and Asda stores stock DVD players and they often offer models across the whole price range so you’ve got a variety of options. A final store option is Halfords which are usually found at out of town retail parks and which stock a range of players.


There are a lot of online options when it comes to buying a DVD player. The stores discussed above are still worth thinking about if you want to buy online as many of them offer online ordering and even free delivery options.

Buying online means you cant see your product first but on the other hand it ensures that you will be able to take advantage of choosing from the full range rather than being limited by what a particular store has in stock. As well as these stores, Amazon is worth considering as they have a huge range of new DVD players at very good prices. There is also Ebay which although it can be risky, does offer some brilliant deals. These are a viable option as long as you take time to check out the seller and make sure they have a good rating and can be trusted. Other online options include Play.com who compete with Amazon when it comes to electrical goods like this. Finally, you can go to the manufacturers websites directly as there are often special offers available to those buying direct from the maker.

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