Where to buy a dishwasher ?


When it comes to making your purchase of a dishwasher there are a few options available to you. The first of these is the high street.

Buying a dishwasher from the high street

Many high street stores offer an excellent range of dishwashers. Perhaps the most impressive range at any store is to be found at Curry’s. Curry’s offer several models made by all the manufacturers discussed in this article. They also make sure that they stock dishwashers in the full price range, ranging from £200 to £700. This means that whatever your budget, Curry’s will have a dishwasher for you. On top of this they can help you to compare models and come to the right decision as to which is right for you. Their website is incredibly useful and clearly lists all the energy ratings, the noise levels and the water usage of each model. These are the three factors that are likely to inform your decision. A final advantage of buying a dishwasher at Curry’s is that they will also deliver and install your dishwasher for you on the same day. This can usually be done within a week from ordering as well. Please be aware though that Curry’s do not stock any table top dishwashers.
Another option is John Lewis, who offer a more expensive range of dishwashers and similar delivery and installation services. This will depend if you live within range of a John Lewis store though, so it might be worth checking that first. They also offer an online guide advising you about how to choose a dishwasher which you may find useful. John Lewis also always offer an additional 5 year care policy which can cost almost £100 but which will ensure you have nothing more to pay for the next five years in the event of any issues or problems.

Getting a dishwasher online

You can also buy a dishwasher online. There are many tempting offers on ebay and such sites and you may indeed be able to save a lot of money by buying a second hand dishwasher. However, this is not an option that we would advise. Dishwashers need to be correctly fitted and installed to make sure that they are working correctly and safely. This means that you will need to get a professional plumber out to fit your machine which can be expensive. On top of this, there are more likely to be issues with second hand dishwashers. People rarely replace their dishwasher until they feel that it is not providing them with the quality of washing that they expect, so you should ask yourself why these machines have become available second hand. In addition, there are often problems with dishwashers and it is quite likely that you will want to make use of your warrantee to get replacement parts and repairs.
For table top dishwashers however, online might be your best choice, as these are not so readily available in stores and shops. What you should think about is the credibility of the seller. Major online companies such as Appliances Direct are a decent bet, as are Amazon who are always good with returns policies. John Lewis do sell a Bosch table top dishwasher for a price of £385 which will give you the usual security they offer on their products and a two year warrantee.

Last update: 01/12/2020 on 21:09. All prices are updated daily.