Best dishwasher brands: hotpoint, bosch, siemens, beko etc.


There are a few major brands to consider when buying a dishwasher. They are relatively easy to compare as they all come with rating for their various features. For instance, each dishwasher has an energy rating, and each dishwasher has a rating for how much noise it makes. These are two things that will be vital in determining your decision.


The first brand that you might consider is Hotpoint. This is a brand sespecially famous for dishwashers, where the other major brands are well known producers of many types of electronic goods. Hotpoint dishwashers range from around £200 to £500. The cheapest models have an energy rating of A which is fairly good, and reach noise levels of around 49 decibels. These models use around 10 litres of water per wash. The mid range dishwashers have a better energy rating of A+ making them more environmentally friendly, and they are slightly less noisy at around 46 decibels. At the top end of the scale, if you are happy to part with over £400 you can get a model with an energy rating of A+++, pretty much as environmentally friendly and cheap to run as they come, and noise level is down towards 42 decibels, making it the quietest option as well.


Another famous dishwasher brand is Bosch. The Bosh models are similarly prices and range from around £250 for the cheapest to £500 for the most expensive. On average, the Bosch models are slightly louder than the Hotpoint dishwashers so you might find that if you are sensitive to sound they are a brand to avoid. The models tend to reach levels of 48 or even 50 decibels. On the oother hand, all Bosch models score at least A+ when it comes to energy use so they have a slight advantage over many other models in that department.


IF you’re looking to spend a little more then Siemens may be the brand for you. The Siemens models start at over £300 and range right up above £700 for the latest models. One thing to consider when you choose Siemens is that all their products tend to come with a very long warrantee whereas some other brands offer only a one year warrantee ont heir dishwashers. Some Siemens models have a two year warrantee but other some with a full five year one. This also may depend on the place of purchase so make sure that you check this before you buy. The Siemens models tend to be quieter, at around 42 decibels, and they also use less water er cycle than the other models at around 9.5 litres. They also tend to have good energy ratings with most models having at least an A++ rating.


A final brand that you might consider if Beko. These models are a little cheaper, and come in between £200 and £300. They have an average noise level and usually reach around 48 or 49 decibels, and they also have an average energy efficiency, usually scoring A+. However, these models use a lot more water than the other brands discussed here, especially Bosch and Siemens. The average Beko dishwasher can use as much as 14 litres of water per cycle.

It is worth remembering that all these brands offer both standalone and integrated dishwashers. An integrated dishwasher is one that will be fitted into your kitchen to match its style whereas a standalone unit just needs to be plugged and plumbed in. The integrated dishwashers are less of an eye sore, but usually cost £50 to £100 extra.

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