Best Blu-Ray player : lg, panasonic, toshiba, samsung etc.


There are many brands of Blu-Ray player. All the major electronics companies have moved into the production of Blu-Rays. This part of the guide will talk about some of these companies and how you can choose between them.


LG have developed in recent years and become a major competitor to the more famous electronics companies by providing decent quality electronics at a slightly lower price. The LG Blu-Ray player starts at just under £50 and will provide you with all the basic features you’d expect. Perhaps you won’t get the shiniest piece of equipment or the best remote control but all the features of a basic DVD player are there only now applied to Blu-Ray discs. Don’t forget that these players will also play DVDs which is crucial as some films may not be available on Blu-Ray. This is often the case with older films that have not be re-made for this type of playback yet. There is also the crucial point that DVDs are a lot cheaper, especially in the second hard market, and you may want to sacrifice quality to save money. With these players you will have both options: the possibility of incredible visual film watching and the option of a cheap film. For £80 LG also offer a similar player that is enabled for 3D films, so that might be an upgrade you are willing to pay for even if you don’t yet have a 3D TV but think you might in the future.


Another company to consider is Panasonic. This is a slightly better option for you and for no extra cost will give you a little more in the way of state of the art features. Most Panasonic models not only play DVDs and Blu-Rays but also give you a port into which you can plug your USB stick or external hard drive. This means that you can watch any films you have bought on your computer on your television set. The Panasonic players also offer online access, though you might have to but an extra accessory to activate this. This feature means that you can watch things directly from the internet providing you have the rights.


If you want to spend a little more you might look at Sony, whose better models offer ‘screen mirroring’ as well at the playback features for Blu-Ray and 3D Blu-Ray discussed above. This is a feature usually connected to Android, so it will depend on your having a compatible device. What this does is connect your mobile or tablet to your TV so that you can browse, stream and go online on your large TV screen. The feature is hugely useful to those who have films on their phones or tablets or those who have a Netflix or other film accounts through their device as it means you can easily watch all your movies on the big screen. You can expect to pay up towards £90 or £100 for a model with these features. You might also want to look at Sony for portable Blu-Ray players which allow you to watch Blu-Rays from your car or when travelling.


A brief note on another company, Samsung, who offer similar products to the Sony model discussed just above. The features and prices are more or less the same between these companies so it might be worth seeing which of the three have offers on before you make your purchase. All three companies will offer you a good quality and reliable product with all the benefits discussed here.

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