Where to buy a bathroom scale?


The last thing you’ll need to consider is where you are going to buy your kitchen scales from. One option you have is to order them online and whilst there are certainly models available on the high street, this is probably the best option for most users. If its only a basic scale you want, then the high street is likely to be as good as anywhere, but if you want a more specialist scale then the best bet is to order online.

Scales on the High Street

Many high street stores will stock a basic bathroom scales. Large supermarkets for example, often offer the best prices on the cheaper bathroom scale models. ASDA and Tesco both offer Salter scales like those discussed above at a reasonable price. Other high street option include Argos, who offer a great range of scales including most of the models discussed in this guide. You can also get mid and top range scales from John Lewis, who often have some excellent models in stock. Finally, you might consider hardware stores like Homebase and B&Q, who often offer basic scale models. If you’re after one of the more complex models of scales discussed here though, you’ll probably want to go online and order.

Buying Bathroom Scales Online

All the models discussed here are available online, and this is likely to be the best option. There are various online vendors competing for your business on every model, meaning that you are likely to get the best value for money when ordering online. The best thing to do is choose what kind of scales you are after first and then compare prices from online vendors. Amazon offer some great prices on bathroom scales from the cheapest to the state of the art. Curry’s and Argos also have a great range of scales online and they are likely to have more models available online than they have in stock at any one time. Robert Dyas also offer some competitive rates through their website. A quick google will give you an immediate sense of the competition out there and then you can start looking at the best deals and prices and make sure you get your chosen model for the best possible price. Of course, buying online means you’ll have to wait for delivery, but it probably means you’ll get a better scale for the money you’re spending.

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