Specialist bathroom scales


Though the models discussed above are perfectly good when it comes to measuring your weight, there are a huge number of specialist scales that go above and beyond this. Specialist scales are perfect for those serious about fitness and health, or those keen to monitor their weight and health statistics very carefully. This part of the guide will look at some of the top brands of bathroom scales offering these specialist features.

Bluetooth and Smart Phone Bathroom Scales

A new innovation in scale technology that has recently developed involves linking scales to smart phones via Bluetooth technology. These scales connect to an application installed on your smart phone. This application takes all the data from your scales and then stores it in your phone. The phone can then display your progress, your changing weight and all the progress you have made. You can set weight goals, monitor your progress and notice any deviations from your plan. This is a really excellent feature for those who need a little extra motivation to get fit or lose weight. One company you can consider here is Wahoo, who offer a great scale with all these features for around £70. Samsung offer an alternative model here called the Samsung Original Bluetooth Body Scale. This model is slightly more attractive than the Wahoo model, coming in a sleek black design with a lovely digital display. However, it is very important that you should know it only works with Samsung phones so you will have to check your compatibility before considering this option.

Body Analyser Scales

The most advanced scales out there are without doubt the Body Analyser Scales. These are a very good investment for anyone looking to get super healthy or very into sports. Basically, the body analyser scales not only measures weight with precision but it also measures your BMI (a guide to healthy body weight based on height), your body fat percentage, your body water level (how hydrated your body is) and your muscle mass. The BMI reading is a very helpful tool and it will allow you to reach your optimum weight much easier than with a normal scales. Weight loss is not always a good thing and your ideal weight depends massively on your size. Comparing weights with friends then, can be quite dangerous and lead to too much weight loss. Comparing a BMI is a much healthier way to think about fitness, and these scales make it very easy to do so. If you’re interested in bodybuilding or sports which require larger muscle mass then you can also benefit from the scales’ ability to read your muscle mass and monitor your progress. Those looking to reduce body fat can see whether they are doing so rather than a normal weight reading where there may be other factors determining your reading such as the amount of water retained in the body. Essentially, whatever your reasons for wanting to gain or lose weight, these scales allow you to monitor it very closely and give you options that go well beyond those offered by a regular scales. All these readings are made by simply stepping onto the magnetic panels on the scale, so its just as easy as using a regular scale.

One brand you can consider here is Terralion, who offer a range of products offering the features discussed here. Their scales are not unreasonably priced either, coming it at under £100 in most cases. Tanita, whose normal scales were discussed above, are also a company worth considering. They offer scales which rise up to around £200 but really do offer the latest in state of the art scale technology for measuring and recording body composition.

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