Best bathroom scale brands


If you just want to weight yourself every now and then, a cheap and basic bathroom scale is likely to be all that you need.

The Cheapest Bathroom Scales

There are a fair few options available to you here. One very well-known scales company is Salter. They offer a large number of scales in the cheaper price range as well as some moving up into the mid-range. For as little as £8 you can get a Salter electronic display bathroom scale. This product will take an accurate weight reading and is not aesthetically unappealing either. Another company you might want to consider, especially if you have children or if you have a colour themed bathroom, is ColourMatch. They produce a range of scales for around £13 which come in a lovely range of colours to match any bathroom.

Mid Range Bathroom Scales

The middle of the range bathroom scales offer you a little more variety in terms of appearance and also an improved accuracy (in most cases). This is likely to be more important if you are looking to regulate your weight very closely for dieting or sports purposes. For around £15-£25 Salter offer a more traditional looking scale with an analogue display which looks trendy and will appeal to those with a swish modern bathroom. A brand like Weightwatchers is a decent option in this price range, if you’re more keen on the accuracy of the scale. Their scales are of course designed to monitor weight loss as accurately and closely as possible, helping you on your Weightwatchers plan.

The Top of the Range scales

This part of the guide is about the top of the range scales that are not specialist scales. For the most expensive and latest in scales technology see the next part of the guide. Here we are looking at the top end of scales designed for simple weighing purposes. One company to consider is Tanita, who offer scales for around £40 featuring a sheek design, a very easy to read display using LED lights and a very accurate reading. This model also has a weight goal tracker which lets you set the machine to an ideal weight and monitor your progress towards it. These slightly more expensive models are also designed to work perfectly well on carpets. Some of the cheaper models require a firm surface to give an accurate reading which can be annoying as not everyone wants to use their scales in their bathroom and indeed some bathrooms are carpeted. The Tanita models also have easy to wipe clean surfaces to ensure it can be cleaned quickly and easily when cleaning the rest of the bathroom. If it’s a standard bathroom scale that you want and you’re keen to get a top model then these are some of the best to consider. You should expect to pay under £50 for a really state of the art basic bathroom scale. If you’re spending above that, you should start thinking about the advantages of the specialist scales discussed below.

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