How to choose an amplifier?

Where to buy a Hifi Amplifier ? in AMPLIFIER Where to buy a Hifi Amplifier ?

The final part of this guide will give you some advice about where you might buy a hifi amplifier from, helping you to get the best deals and prices on the top models. There are various options available to you here, and the guide will treat the three main ones in turn. In short, you can either buy a hifi amp from an electronics store, a music shop, or online. Buying a Hifi Amplifier on the High...

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Keeping your amp going, and other things to consider in AMPLIFIER Keeping your amp going, and other things to consider

There’s quite a lot to think about when running an amp, so the challenges don’t stop after purchase. This part of the guide will discuss some of the major things you ought to think about after purchase, and give you some advice as to how to get the best out of your amp. Problems with your Amplifier. Since amplifiers can be expensive, there is a significant amount of amp repair out there. Many...

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Best Hifi Amplifier brands in AMPLIFIER Best Hifi Amplifier brands

As we’ve said, there are a lot of amplifier manufacturers out there to consider. This guide is interested mainly in Hifi amplifiers, but first it will give a quick note on good amplifier brands for musical instruments and microphones. Amplifiers for musical instruments and singing microphones. For instruments such as guitars, you’ll want to check out a few brands, including Staag and Marshall....

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