How to choose an air conditioning?

How to choose a portable airconditioning unit? in AIR CONDITIONING How to choose a portable airconditioning unit?

Portable airconditioning units are a great way to cool specific areas in your home such as bedrooms and living rooms. Whereas other types of unit are fixed, portable airconditioning units can be moved from room to room. So, with portable units, one unit can be used for multiple rooms. The units are heavy!. Perhaps the biggest issue with portable airconditioning units is that they can be very very...

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The Big Airconditioning Brand in AIR CONDITIONING The Big Airconditioning Brand

Many of the big airconditioning manufacturers and brands are common household names such as LG, Mitsubishi, Samsung and Panasonic. The big brands. These brands sell direct from their own websites as well as through other outlets, so it may be worth visiting their sites and comparing costs. Of course, these familiar brands offer you security and a guarantee of quality and replacement products, as...

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Where to buy an airconditioning unit? in AIR CONDITIONING Where to buy an airconditioning unit?

The price of airconditioning units can vary very greatly. The smallest available units have a power of 2.6Kw and average between £354 and £590. How much should I expect to pay?. Slightly larger units that have a power of 3.5Kw average between £390 and £649. As the wattage of the unit increases, so does the cost. At the top end are the 7.1Kw units which average at £1,245. The power of the unit...

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