Where to buy an airconditioning unit?


The price of airconditioning units can vary very greatly. The smallest available units have a power of 2.6Kw and average between £354 and £590.

How much should I expect to pay?

Slightly larger units that have a power of 3.5Kw average between £390 and £649. As the wattage of the unit increases, so does the cost. At the top end are the 7.1Kw units which average at £1,245. The power of the unit that you will need depends largely on the size of the room you are cooling. These costs are all for domestic use. When it comes to the purchase of air conditioning units for commercial premises the costs are significantly higher, ranging between £3,000 and £5,000 per unit. The portable airconditioning units discussed above are the cheapest option, and start at around £250.

Where should I get my airconditioning unit?

There are a huge number of outlets which sell and install airconditioning units. If you are going for the portable type of airconditioning unit discussed above, there are many options for you. Certain major stores such as Homebase offer an online guide to buying their airconditioning units, which will help you choose which is right for you and leave you feeling confident that you have made the right choice. They also have professionals in store who will advise you and answer any questions that you might have.
However, there are other major stores that sell a range of airconditioning units and it may be worth shopping around to find the cheaper prices. Argos are a relatively cheap option who offer units in the £200-£300 range. They also have discounts available from time to time so it might be worth checking which deals are on offer at the time you are looking to buy. Buying your unit from a major store such as this will offer you the security to return or change your product if you encounter any issues. Buying from a major store will also ensure that your product comes with a full warranty. You may also want to consult some comparison sites which can help you identify the best place to purchase a unit. Sites such as which.co.uk offer reviews of various units and the deals that are on offer.

Buying your unit online

You may choose to purchase your airconditioning unit online. If you choose this option, you should make sure that you purchase it from a reputable place. No doubt you will find plenty of cheap and tempting options on eBay and Gumtree but these will often be second hand options which may not function as they should. They may also be from sellers who cannot be trusted or who may not help if you have any problems with your unit. One good online option is Appliances Direct. They offer a range of units and have a clear and easy to understand website which describes the products and their features. The site also helps with some of the questions above by telling you what size of room the product is suitable for. They, along with some other companies, also offer finance options so that you can pay for the product over a period of time if that suits you. However, you should be aware that there might be extra charges for this method of payment and it is likely to be cheaper to pay the up-front fee in full.

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