The Big Airconditioning Brand


Many of the big airconditioning manufacturers and brands are common household names such as LG, Mitsubishi, Samsung and Panasonic.

The big brands

These brands sell direct from their own websites as well as through other outlets, so it may be worth visiting their sites and comparing costs. Of course, these familiar brands offer you security and a guarantee of quality and replacement products, as with the major stores discussed above. Hitachi is one of the leading famous airconditioning brands and they are largely considered to be one of the best brands to purchase, as online reviews will testify.
There are other brands however, which may be less well-known but which are more exclusively specialist manufactures of airconditioning units. Though you might not be as familiar with the brand names, its certainly worth considering these options as well. Perhaps the biggest of these are Bryant and Carrier, who are usually considered to be the leading manufacturers of airconditioning. These two brands always appear in almost all lists of the Top 10 manufactures of airconditioning units.

Stylish and expensive options, and cheap and cheerful options.

One problem with all airconditioning units is that they can be a real eye-sore! The units can be large and ugly and really make their presence in a room felt. Because of this, many brands have designed a wide range of units which are much more stylish and can be made to fit the décor and design of your home.
Samsung offer a huge range of airconditioning units which tend towards the more stylish and expensive. Though not cheap, these units can really make a difference when it comes to appearances. A look on their website will show you how desirable some of these units can be. Some are very advanced and even simulate a ‘natural breeze’ so that your room feels as though it has an open window! For those who prefer to keep their units hidden, they have also designed smaller and sleeker units which can be more easily hidden in a corner or among furniture.
If appearance is not so important to you, there are many cheaper options available too. One such manufacturer is Amcor, which is a reputable brand of unit available at Appliances Direct and other vendors. These units might not look wonderful, and can be a little bulky, but they do a job at relatively low cost.


Another problem is that your unit may be noisy. Anyone who’s been to a cheap holiday hotel will know that air conditioners can be so loud that they keep you awake at night. Brands such as Samsung and Mitsubishi have specifically designed their units to be quiet and some of their more advanced models even have a ‘quiet mode’ for sleeping and relaxing in a cool room. Though these units are top-end when it comes to price, they have features that will be vital for some users.
Whichever brand of airconditioning unit you choose, you should make sure that you become familiar with its spec, check that it suits the areas you are looking to aircondition and take advice on whether it is the right unit for your needs. It might seem that all units offer the same thing, but there are surprisingly large differences between units which may be the difference between a good and bad purchase.

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