How to choose a portable airconditioning unit?


Portable airconditioning units are a great way to cool specific areas in your home such as bedrooms and living rooms. Whereas other types of unit are fixed, portable airconditioning units can be moved from room to room. So, with portable units, one unit can be used for multiple rooms.

The units are heavy!

Perhaps the biggest issue with portable airconditioning units is that they can be very very heavy. This makes it very important to choose one that you can manage, considering that you may want to move it from room to room, and store it somewhere when it is not in use. Many portable units are mounted on casters, which means they can be freely moved from room to room. Choosing a unit without this feature means you will have to pick up the entire unit when moving it. With this feature, you’ll be able to move your unit from room to room and easily place it somewhere to store when the unit is not in use.

You still need a window!

Though these units are portable, they still need to be relatively close to a window. This is because each unit is fitted with an exhaust hose, which pumps the warm air and the warmth that the unit generates out of the window. So it’s worth considering the layout of your home and the potential rooms that you might want to aircondition, so that you can be sure to choose a unit with an exhaust hose that will reach nearby windows. Airconditioning a room which does not have windows is very difficult indeed, and you may have to look at other options or speak to a professional.

Make sure you check the electrical requirements

Probably the most important thing when choosing a portable airconditioning unit is to check the electrical requirements of the unit. You will have to measure the size of the room and check it against the power of the unit. For this you will need to become familiar with something called BTU (British Thermal Units). Put simply, the BTU is a calculation of the amount of energy that is needed to heat or cool a room. You can get various BTU calculators online through Google and though they might seem complex, they are in fact very easy to get your head around. This is something really worth doing when choosing an airconditioning unit as it will ensure that your unit cools your room correctly and safely.
Don’t forget to check the EER (Energy Efficiency Rating) of your unit as well. This is simply a measure of how efficient the unit is so that you can save money on bills.

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