Best wine cooler brands


If you’re looking for a large wine cooler which will operate almost like a second fridge especially for wine, you might consider an intelligent model such as the CDA Dual Zone Integrated Wine Cooler. This machine is 60cm Wide and will hold up to 55 bottles of wine. The model has 6 stylish wooden shelves that hold your wine, as well as an electronic temperature gauge so that you can choose what you consider to be the ideal temperature for wine. It also has an alarm which lets you know when the temperature is not correct and when the door has been left open as well as a classy LED display. This model is highly rated and will ensure you a perfect temperature wine at all times, but comes at a cost, setting you back almost £500.

The biggest wine coolers

For those looking even bigger, the Miele range of wine coolers will be the first port of call. These are larger models and they come in two main sizes although there is variation between each model. The smaller is the under the counter style, which occupies about the same amount of space as a dishwasher or washing machine. These models hold about 38 bottles. The larger models are full height fridges and hold around 138 bottles of normal sized 0.75 litre wine. The smaller models are under £2000 whereas these larger ones can be up to £5000. This is pricey, but you are paying for one of the most renowned models which has all the features you’d want and is specifically designed to keep noise and vibration to a minimum.

Rangemaster are another company that you might want to consider. They offer a range of wine coolers that hold from 24 to 54 bottles. They, like some other companies, also offer a ‘Dual Zone’ wine cooling feature. This means that the fridge is divided into two sections and you can individually change the temperature of each. Essentially this means that you can have some wines stored at a cooler temperature than others, which is good for those with different preferences or wine connoisseurs who want the wines to be chilled at the perfect temperature.

Oak shelving

Another company to consider is Bosch, who offer many of the features discussed above. Their range also boasts oak shelving, which for those fanatical about wine, may be important. It is thought that fine wines are best stored on oak for optimum taste. This range costs from about £400 to £700.

Wine cooler refrigerator

Finally, you might want to look at the Siemens models, which are much the same as the others discussed here, but tend to have a front more like a refrigerator in silver or white, rather than a glass front. This may be more suited to those who want their wine cooler to fit in with their kitchen, or who do not want wine to be the first thing their guests see when entering the house.

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