How to choose a hair straightener ?


The most basic hair straighteners cost around £20. The top of the range ones go up to £200. This section will discuss some of the best brands to consider at both ends of the spectrum, as well as some of the mid level straighteners available.

The best company

The biggest and best hair straightener company are GHD. They have developed hair straighteners a long way and their straighteners have none of the old burn smell that came with models of ten years ago. GHD straighteners have various settings and heat options. This is great for people who colour their hair, as bleached hair needs a lower setting because they hair is damaged and weaker. With GHD straighteners you can simply set the product to the setting that is perfect for you. They also offer ultra slim models for shorter and finer hair, medium models for normal hair and even larger more powerful ones for think long hair or frizzy and Afro hair styles.

GHD also allow you to make a statement with your straighteners. They sell models with Diamonte crystals and other limited edition designs that you can show off to your friends or which make an expensive and great present for females in your family. If you look at the ‘top 10 hair straighteners’ on the Marie Clare website you can see that the range is really quite impressive and that hair straightening culture is a huge thing!

The cheaper hair straightener options

You don’t have to go for a fancy and expensive pair of hair straighteners. One company that are reputable and offer a cheaper option is Babyliss. Their straighteners are widely available and start at just under £20. They may not be as fancy as the poshers brands like GHD but they do the job for most people and come at a much cheaper price, with no frills attached. Babyliss also offer cordless straighteners which are good for storing without having wires everywhere and prevent you from getting tangled up in the cord when straightening your hair in a rush.

Mid Range

If you want to go somewhere between these two ends of the hair straightener spectrum you might want to consider brands such as Remington and Nicky Clarke. The Remington straighteners are around the £30-40 range and the Nicky Clarke products come with slightly wider variation, at £25 to £60. Both brands are reputable and can be trusted to deliver the hair straightening services you need.

Travel Hair Straighteners

For some people hair straighteners are as vital as a toothbrush when it comes to getting ready to go out. For these people, many cosmetics companies have made travel hair straighteners which can be taken away in a small bag and used anywhere. These are smaller and lighter but still as hot and can do the job just as well. Some companies even offer battery powered hair straighteners so that you can straighten your hair without a plug socket. These are great for people going to a festival or travelling large distances. They may not be quite as effective so if you are going abroad but staying in one place that has electricity you should probably go for the smaller travel straighteners that plug into a socket.

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