Where to buy a kitchen stove ?


The final part of this guide will discuss where you might consider making your purchase from, once you have decided which stove oven is right for you. There are a lot of options including looking in your high street stores, ordering online and going direct to the manufacturer.

Getting a stove oven on the high street

The best option on the high street is probably Curry’s. They offer a huge range of stove oven including all those discussed above in this guide except the Smeg models. Their website and in-store specification lists make it very easy to browse products and compare the advantages and disadvantages of each before you come to your decision. They also offer an installation and delivery service and this is something you should consider before you buy because your stove oven needs to be installed by a qualified professional which is not cheap at all. Another high street option for you is Appliance World. They can be a little cheaper than Curry’s at times and its certainly worth comparing the two to see which offers your chosen model at the best price. Though less well known this is also a huge chain company and will offer you the security of having somewhere to go if you have an issues with your product after purchase.

Buying a stove oven online

Though of course you wont be able to meet your stove oven in person before you buy, getting a stove oven online is a genuine and viable option. Though large, many companies offer free delivery, especially as you will be paying someone to install the stove oven anyway. Most companies will have experts of their own to do this or will be connected to a plumbing service who will deliver and install your stove oven for you. One such website is AO.com, which sells many models including the Smeg models discussed above that are not available everywhere. This company offer free delivery and their installation charge is £95 which is relatively standard. Buying from a reputable online company like this is pretty much as reliable and safe as going to a well known high street store.
On the whole its worth checking both online and in store to see where has the best deals, prices and discounts.

Remember that in store shops like Argos, Curry’s and Appliances Direct also have online sites so you can do a bit of research and make sure you are getting your stove oven at the cheapest possible rate before you visit the store with the best deal. Many manufactures have a recommended supplier so you might want to check these out as well as they sometimes have special deals or advantages.

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