How to choose a gas stove oven ?


The first thing to think about is how much space you have in your kitchen.

How much space do you have?

This might seem quite simple, but its worth really thinking about getting the biggest oven you will be able to fit. If you’re cooking for large numbers of people then some ovens will be too small and you will find yourself struggling, for example on Christmas Day. Some stove ovens are as small as 50 cm in width and this means they will fit nicely into a relatively small kitchen. Other single-door ovens can be larger at around 60cm and this extra space gives you the possibility of using bigger cooking dishes or more than one cooking dish at once. On some models the extra 10 cm also means an extra hob or a panel which keeps food warm after cooking. This is a feature you might want to look out for as it can be very handy when making certain meals.

Single or Double Oven stove ovens?

Decide whether a single or double doored oven is best for you. We would advise spending the extra money on a double door oven if you are a passionate cook or if you are interested in cooking anything above the most basic meals. Also, if you are cooking for large groups you’ll find the double oven so much easier to use and you will be able to get much better results than with a single door. Not only can you cook more things at once with a double oven but perhaps most importantly, you can cook two things at different temperatures. Roast chicken and roast potatoes for example can be cooked simultaneously at the correct temperature for each. Some of the smaller double ovens have one oven on top of the other minimizing the space they take up. Other ovens have side by side doors which mean larger oven and more space but also more of your kitchen taken up. These models also tend to be slightly more expensive, as will be discussed below.

The Grill

Pretty much every stove oven has a grill feature but some have a separate grill whereas others have the grill inside the oven. A separate gas grill is very useful and will allow you to quickly make toast and other grilled foods without having to heat up and warm up your oven. Further, if the stove oven you choose does not have a separate grill then you have to grill with the oven door open which can be a bit of a hazard in the kitchen.

Self-Cleaning Ovens

As you know, cleaning the oven is one of the worst tasks on the list of household chores. These days modern ovens, if you are willing to spend a little more, have self-cleaning features. These ovens are lined with a catalytic material and you simply have to set the oven to a self-clean cycle and all the dirt is removed. For those who hate cleaning this is a feature to look out for, and it should be available if you are spending upwards of £600 on your oven.

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