Best stove oven brands ?


Once you’ve decided what type of oven to go for, you’re going to want to think about the brand that’s right for you. Of course, the main factor here is how much you want to spend. In general, stove ovens range from around £170 for the very cheapest reputable and useable models to somewhere around £800 for the latest top of the range models by the top stove oven making brands such as Smeg and Rangemaster.


One of the most famous and most stylish brands of stove oven is Smeg. Its worth considering a Smeg oven if you have lots of money and space. They do some wonderful large ovens with double doors and six hobs that will suit even the most trendy and stylish of kitchens. The ovens feature both a fan oven and a conventional oven meaning you can cook in the way which is preferable to you or the way which matches the recipe in front of you. These ovens cost around the £800 mark but bear in mind that there is also going to be an installation and connection fee. This is going to be somewhere around the £100 mark so make sure you factor that into your price when you are making your decision.


A rival to Smeg which has become increasingly popular in recent years is the Rangemaster stove oven. These are just as stylish and top-end, but tend to be a little cheaper. Also, Rangemaster ovens, if you are looking at the top end of their range, feature the special self-cleaning technology discussed above. Rangemaster do some great double door ovens that do not take up too much space as one door is usually on top of the other. If you do want a huge stove oven they also have some models with 3 doors, meaning that you have two ovens and a separate grill.


Offering a slightly cheaper but also great quality oven is Zanussi. These ovens are a couple of hundred pounds cheaper than the Smeg or Rangemaster equivalent models. They also feature self-cleaning technology and single or double doors.

New World

Cheaper still are stove ovens made by New World. These are another reputable company whose products can be trusted. In short, they are just a little less fancy that those more expensive brands discussed above. The ovens have enamel liners which do not clean themselves but are still designed to be easy for you to clean. These models are usually 50 or 55 cm meaning that they will fit into any kitchen and they have a single oven but a separate grill. The ovens are convetional which means you don’t have the option of cooking with a fan oven. Overall this is decent value for money and a good brand to consider in the £300 to £400 range.

Hotpoint and Logik

Though they make stove ovens all across the price range, two companies to consider for cheaper stove ovens are Logik and Hotpoint. Both reputable manufactures, you can pick up a Hotpoint or Logik stove oven for somewhere around the £230-£300 mark. These are not dissimilar to the New World ovens but do not have such easy clean features.

Indesit and Essentials

Right at the bottom of the range are stove ovens made by Indesit and Essentials. These start at as little as £180 and whilst they have no special features or frills attached, they do the job and ensure safe and functional cooking.

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