Built In Steam Ovens vs. Counter Top Models


Most of the models discussed here are built-in ovens. This means that they will be part of your fitted kitchen and will operate much like a normal oven does but with excellent steaming capacities. There is another option here though, which is the counter top steam oven like the Cuisinart models mentioned above. When it comes to quality, there’s little argument that the built in models are more advanced and offer a better quality of cooking. However, that doesn’t always mean that they are the best option as for some the counter top model is a preferable solution. At the end of the day it comes down to the needs of the individual user, so this part of the article will be dedicated to explaining the benefits of each of the two types of steam oven.

The Advantages of the Built In Steam Oven

All of the top models discussed in this article are built into your kitchen. This means that getting a built in model will be necessary if you want to get a top state of the art model. These models are intended to offer all the features of a normal or conventional oven with the additional steaming capacities discussed above. Having a built in oven means you will save worktop space in your kitchen. It also means that you will have a larger oven as these built in ovens are better designed to maximise kitchen space. Its worth knowing though that Miele do offer one freestanding steam oven, so you might consider a look at that.

The Advantages of the Standalone or Counter Top Oven

Apart from being much cheaper (at least in general) there are also some advantages of the counter top oven that make them a better option for some users. Most kitchens don’t have space for an additional large oven, meaning that a built in oven is completely ruled out. You may feel that your current oven is fine but that you just need a little addition so that you can cook more foods at once. Smaller ovens can become difficult to work with when cooking large family meals or when cooking a large variety of things at once, as you need to with a Sunday roast for example.

Having a counter top steam oven means you can easily cook an additional thing alongside the foods you can fit in your existing oven. This kind of steam oven can basically operate as a microwave without the detrimental effects of microwave cooking meaning that you can have fresh steamed vegetables at the touch of a button to compliment your meals. The counter top oven is also a good option for those with smaller kitchens or even studio flats and student halls where there is no space for a large oven. These models provide a welcome alternative to the microwave, offering you a much better quality of cooking without taking up any additional space.

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