Where to buy a kitchen scale ?


Buying a kitchen scale is very easy, and the options are almost limitless. There are many many high-street stores that will offer you good deals, and many reliable online options as well. Because the scales are quite basic when it comes to technology, and because they are generally a very inexpensive product, there isn’t a great deal of risk involved when making a purchase. This opens up a large number of options for the potential buyer.

Online Buying

Amazon should perhaps be your first port of call online if you are looking for a cheap and functional set of scales. They offer a particularly wide range of cheaper digital scales and also some products in the more expensive range as well including the Heston Blumenthal product discussed above. They also offer mechanical scales of varying descriptions. On the whole, Amazon may be more suited to those looking for a basic set or a set for regular use. Online stores like this is likely to be the best place to find cheaper scales and take advantage of discounts.
Those looking for more fancy or vintage scales online may consider some companies that are specifically dedicated to the production and sale of artisan kitchen products. These include Artisani, discussed above, and Notthehighstreet.com, which offers a wonderful range of enamel bespoke scales in the £20-£40 range that are sure to suit any style of kitchen.

If you want to go very basic, and just want a scale on which to measure some baking ingredients, you can order online from Amazon from around £4, or very cheap models from online supermarket chains such as Tesco and Asda.

In Store

For cheap scales, you could go direct to store to any supermarket like Tesco, Asda and Sainsbury’s. Their prices start very low and they are reliable and can be returned if you have any problems, which is relatively unlikely. Supermarket scales will be fine, but predictably, they do not offer as many attractive and designer scales are other outlets.

Also among your high-street options are specific kitchen shops and independent bric-a-brac stores. These are full of beautiful kitchen scales and whilst you can expect to pay a considerable mark up on the prices at these sort of store, you will have the advantage of being able to choose the scale you like the most rather than making a judgment based on online photographs. Choose this option if you have a bit of time and money and want to enjoy some time shopping and browsing nice items before making your purchase.

The final option is department stores such as John Lewis. This offers a nice balance of cost and quality. Their scales are in the £10-£50 range when it comes to digital scales, with £10 for the most basic versions and £50 for the latest model endorsed by Jamie Oliver. They also offer traditional kitchen scales with weights like those discussed above, and these are between £35 and £65 depending on which combination of scales and weights that you go for. They also offer foldable scales which can be taken travelling or stored in a small drawer. These open out into a tripod with the scales in the centre and have a digital display which is just as accurate as larger household scales.

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