How to choose a kitchen scale with weights?


If you have a vintage looking kitchen, or like the traditional style, then maybe a kitchen scale with weights may be the right option for you. When choosing this option, you’re essentially choosing appearance and style over functionality and ease-of-use. That said, a great set of weights scales can be just as precise, if you use them right.

The vintage kitchen way

For a beautiful pair of traditional artisan kitchen scales you’re probably going to have to pay a little more, but you will have a lovely item which can really become a centre piece of your kitchen. Companies such as Artisani Elegant Living produce old fashioned scale sets with the full set of beautifully handcrafted weights. These can be found in true nineteenth-century style and start at around £50 online. Some companies also sell more vintage scales in-store in the UK, so check out the section below about where to buy your scales. These scales are harder to use and take more time to set up, clean and get a reading from, but there is no doubting that they are the most aesthetically pleasing option.

The mechanical scale

There is a third option which is something of a half-way house between the digital and the weights style of scale. This is the mechanical scale, which will be familiar to you from many kitchens and from the large versions traditionally found in pharmacies and doctors. The scale works using weights, which are held inside the product. The down side is that you will not have a lovely set of weights to balance against whatever you are weighing and to show off in your kitchen. However, the plus side is that like with a digital scale, you have complete ease-of-use. As with the digital scale, you simply place your ingredients on the scale and get an instant measurement. The scale is not quite as accurate as the newer precise digital scales, but for most people the degree of accuracy will be perfectly sufficient.

These scales are often as beautiful as the scales which use stand-alone weights and are often designed in traditional old kitchen style, meaning you have a nice balance between appearance and functionality. The more ornate and bespoke styles are likely to cost anywhere upwards of £30, but there are very basic versions available as well for as little as five or ten pounds.

When choosing what type to scales you are going to go for, you are faced with a relatively simple task. Essentially, it comes down to negotiating whether you are more concerned about functionality and accuracy or about appearance and style. It may be worth thinking about how regularly you are going to use your scales, as frequent users will want an easy-to-use product. At the end of the day though, all these scales will work for all basic cooking and kitchen tasks, so whichever you go for, you probably won’t be disappointed.

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