Best Kitchen Extractor brands


A wall mounted extractor fan might be best for you if you have a smaller kitchen. They tend to be less powerful on your cooking fumes as they are not situated directly above the oven. However, they do provide a decent level of extraction and you may find that one of these is all you need. They are often smaller than extractor hoods and less of an eyesore. Further, you may not have space directly above your cooking equipment in which case this is likely to be the best option for you.


One of the major manufacturers of these type of wall mounted unit are Xpelair. They are sold by many reputable sellers (see the final part of the article for more). Xpelair units range from around £50 to £80 for a standard small size unit. The amount your spend will influence the power your unit has and the amount of air it can extract. The units are all approved by the BAEB – the board who regulate this units nationally – and can be trusted to provide a good quality of service. They units are small and square and are almost always white in colour, so they don’t look too bad and they don’t take up a great deal of space in your kitchen. Some models come with a timer so that you can set your extractor fan to suit you. Other cheaper models simply operate with a pull string so you will need to put your fan on when cooking. The more expensive ones come with a humidstat too so that you can make sure your air is regulated to the correct level. All Xpelair products come with a guarantee too but some are just one year long where others have three year protection so this might be worth checking before you purchase.


As well as the incredibly useful website mentioned above, Fantronix are another company worth a look when it comes to choosing a wall mounted extractor. Their prices remain very low, with models beginning at just £30 or so. However, they do have plenty of modern looking and contemporary design units which may be more suited to a new fitted kitchen than one of the Xpelair white units. With Fantronix you choose your design first and then you can edit the specification of the fan. You can pay a basic price for a pull cord, or upgrade to a timer or time and humidstat for a little extra. You will be looking at around £60 or £70 if you go for the full extras here, still just as cheap as the Xpelair products.

General Advice

These two major brands will give you a good place to start. The other things you should consider before making your choice are the energy efficiency of the model and the amount of noise it makes. Some fans can be incredibly loud. Both these brands, and many others, list the noise level of the model on its specification so you can compare different fans and make sure that yours is a good choice when it comes to noise regulation. The energy efficiency should also be available to all customers before purchase so check this to make sure you are saving both money and the environment if you can.

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