Where to buy a kettle?


Of course, you can buy a kettle almost everywhere. The first place to consider is a major supermarket. These stores sell kettles starting at as little as five or ten pounds, and move up towards some more advanced cordless and glass kettles. Of all the supermarkets, ASDA offer the widest range, selling dozens of different colours in various different styles. If you haven’t got a kettle, you wont want to wait for online delivery, so getting down to your nearest supermarket will be the best option for you. As you’re reading this guide though, you might have a bit more time to think about where to get the best value kettle from, and there are a few options.

Buying a kettle online

If you think you might be up for splashing out on the new iKettle then Amazon is probably the first port of call for you. They sell the kettle itself and all the different skins, and are endorsed as a buyer by the manufacturers iKettle.
Amazon also offer a huge number of more basic kettles from a huge range of manufactures that can be trusted, from Phillips to Russell Hobbes. Even these reputable companies’ kettle start at just over £10 online and this is usually slightly cheaper than you will find in store. You should also check out Cook’s Illustrated, who did a round up of the electric kettles available in 2010. This will allow you to think about which kettle you want before you shop around and see what deals and discounts are available. You can then compare online prices for the kettle you think is right for you. Some price comparison sites such as Which have also don’t some of this work for you.

Buying a kettle on the high street

If you want a fancier looking kettle you’ll probably want to look at the De’Longhi range. These are iconic kettles which suit the more stylish or bespoke kitchens. These are available from John Lewis for £50, either in store or online. If you’re going for the proper vintage look though, you’ll want to consider the stove top kettles discussed above. There are some great sites which offer a range of beautiful stove top kettles such as notonthehighstree.com and the increasingly popular website Etsy.com. These sites both offer gorgeous enamel stove top whistling kettles in a range of styles which are still affordable and start at under £50. The biggest and most fashionable manufacturer of all is Le Creuset, who make famous stove top kettles. These kettles will draw praise from visitors, but it does cost upwards of £60 and some get nearer to the £100 mark. Again, John Lewis is a major store who sell these, though they are also often found in local kitchen shops on the high-street.

For travel kettles check out Marks and Spencer’s. They offer some travel kettle sets like those discussed including cups and a carry case for as little as £12 which can be found in store of bought online. Travel kettles are a relatively safe buy and you can easily find them online and make a purchase without much risk. Some are strangely large, so make sure you get one small enough to travel with.

Wherever you choose your kettle from and whichever type of kettle you choose, go for a recognizable manufacturer. These include Kenwood, Phillips and Swan, as well as the brands discussed throughout this guide. The supermarket’s own brand kettles are also acceptable and safe, but very basic, so its probably best to spend that little bit extra to get yourself a reliable brand.

Last update: 21/04/2021 on 05:46. All prices are updated daily.