The future of the kettle!


Many companies have recently made innovations which may take the kettle into the new age.

The iKettle

The first and biggest of these is predictably, a product endorsed by Apple and Google. The iKettle is the first ‘wifi kettle’ to be designed. It is a smart kettle which is attached to an App on your mobile phone. From the App you can set the kettle to boil from anywhere in the house. According to Apple this an actually save you up to two days a year by saving you five minutes at a time. You can boil the kettle from bed, and just go down and pick up the boiled water. The kettle and App will also tell you when the water is boiled, when the kettle needs refilling and when it is empty. The kettle is styling and is made of stainless steel, though there are also several colour ‘skins’ that you can buy for the kettle which make it malleable to fit the colour scheme and style of your kitchen. The kettle costs around £160 and the App can be downloaded from the Apple App Store and from Google Play.

The Google Nest

Another option is the Google Nest. Google recently spend 3.2 billion dollars acquiring a company called Nest, who specialize in automated electricity in the home. The company work on products which allow the electrics in a house, including the central heating, to be controlled all from one easy to use remote. It means that wherever you are in the home you will have control over the heating system. Talk about the Google Nest Kettle is at the rumour stage at the moment, but with home electricity systems moving towards the remote controlled, the public are waiting to see what new products and innovations are on the horizon. Google’s investment here shows a signal of intent and demonstrates that this huge company sees a massive future in such products. The future of tea and coffee making is clearly about to move in a new direction.

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