Kettle types: cordless kettles, quiet kettles, travel kettles, glass kettles and stove top kettles.


The cordless kettle is the most common type of kettle. The kettle does not have a chord of its own but instead has a separate ‘base’ which is plugged into the electricity supply.

Cordless Kettles

This allows the user to take the kettle away from the power supply once the water is boiled. This is much easier, will allow you to use your water as far away from the power supply as you need, and is a safer method of heating water. As you know, water and electricity do not work well together, and constantly plugging in and unplugging your kettle near water in the kitchen can be dangerous. With the cordless kettle the base remains plugged in and the kettle, which has safetly equipment istalled, can be easily taken on and off its base.

The Quiet Kettle

Some kettles are noisy. As a result, major companies have designed quiet and ‘silent boil’ kettles which do not make a racket and interrupt your conversation or peace in the kitchen. Kenwood and Magimix are two major brands to look out for here. These state of the art kettles are very quiet and many have other modern features too, such as a ‘keep warm’ feature which allows you to keep you r water warm for up to 30 minutes. This is great for those using hot water to cook with, as you will have a ready supply and wont have to keep boiling and re-boiling, which is an effort and a waste of energy.

Travel Kettles

Such is the importance of a cup of tea and coffee that anyone traveling will want to consider a smaller travel kettle to take along with them. These are smaller and cheaper than normal kitchen kettles. One famous brand is Russell Hobbes, who make a variety of travel kettles that are small, easy to move around and cheap. These are available from major supermarkets such as ASDA for as little as £15. Some places offer little travel kettle sets which include a portable box and cups, making it as easy as possible to make a cup of tea on the move. See the final section of this guide to find out where to get them.

Glass Kettles

Glass kettles are for those who are more concerned with appearance than functionality. They are, in short, kettles made of glass, which look beautiful and suit a modern stylish kitchen. The kettle is slightly more expensive than plastic models, heavier and a little less safe as of course the glass can break. However, they are specially made with glass that can resist the high temperatures that the water reaches inside.

Stovetop Kettles

As with the glass kettles, these are for those interested in appearance rather than ease of use. These options come in the older Victorian style and suit an artisan kitchen. They are lovely, and are usually reliable as well, but you need to heat your kettle using your gas and electric hob. There are two main disadvantages. The first is that the kettle does not turn itself off. Many whistle to let you know the water is boiled, as they did in the nineteenth-century. The second disadvantage is that they take longer, especially on an electric hob, as you have to wait for the hob to heat up first before it heats the water in the kettle. A gas hob will make this process faster.

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