Best juicer brands: magimix, kenwood, green star, oscar etc.


There are four main brands of the modern juicer. This section will discuss the advantages and disadvantages of each, as well as giving you an idea of how much you should expect to pay for each brand’s juicer.

Kenwood juicer

The most famous of these is probably Kenwood, a company that have been making juicers since the 1950s. Although Kenwood is a British company, they are now actually owned by Italian company De’Longhi who took them over in 2001.

The Kenwood juicers come in the class juicer appearance, with a chute at the top for feeding fruit and vegetables into and a jug at the bottom which collects the finished product. They also have a waste chamber where unwanted parts of the fruit and vegetables are diverted so as to keep your juice smooth and pure. The latest Kenwood juicer is the Kenwood Juicer JE720. The machine is a high performance machine which contains Kenwood’s advanced pulp extraction technology to ensure that your juice is as smooth as possible. The juice jug is 1.5 litres in size so you can make a fairly large amount of juice at once. The chute is extra wide meaning that you can simply drop whole apples into the juicer and await the results. Its clearly one of the finest juicers on the market. This top of the range juicer costs just under a hundred pounds, at £99.95 RRP. Strangely, considering is history and quality as a brand, this is about as cheap as you’ll find for a really good juicer.

Magimix juicer

An increasingly common name in the juicer world recently is Magimix. They are now a serious competitor with Kenwood and their juicers are very much worth considering. The Magimix juicers tend to have more features and functions than any other juicers on the market, meaning that they are probably the best option for those very passionate about home made juices.

The latest Magimix models include the Le Duo Plus XL juice extractor. This machine not only jusices who apples and other fruits like the Kenwood machine but it contains a citrus press and coulis maker as well. This is better for juicing citrus fruits with a thick skin and making coulis out of berries. The machine contains two sizes of chute so that you can juice both large and small fruits. Further, everything in the machine can be washed in the dishwasher, making cleaning up a lot easier. You’ll have to part with a little more cash for this state of the art machine, which costs somewhere between £150 and £180 depending on which model you go for.

The Green Star healthy option

If you’re in this for dietary reasons, you should consider an alternative model, those made by Green Star. Green Star have created a special technology which is designed specifically for pressing the most nutrients out of the fruit as possible. The machine has a Twin Gear juicing mechanism which gets the optimum goodness out of your fruit and vegetables. For those interested in being as healthy as possible, this is the choice for you. The machine though, comes at a high cost, with RRP just under £400 pounds.

Oscar juicer – a balance between cost and health

Another company offering something similar to the nutritional focussed juicer of Green Star is Oscar. Their juicer has a very unusual look, and you should make sure you’d be happy with that before purchase, but it has a similar function to the Green Star machines. Like those models, it attempts to juice your fruit and vegetables in a special way in order to get the maximum possible vitamins and nutrients into your juice. This machine is a lot cheaper than the Green Star models though, coming in at just over £200 in most places.

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