Where to buy an Iron ?


If you’re looking for the cheapest iron possible then you’ve just got a few places to check.

Where to buy a cheap iron

These are your major supermarkets such as ASDA, Tesco and Sainsbury’s, and your cheap electronics stores such as Argos. These offer irons all under the £12 mark. As discussed above, Wilkinsons offer an especially good version of the cheap steam iron which is well worth considering if there is a store near you.

Where to buy a middle range iron.

For the slightly better models you might want to shop around the more reputable electronics stores. These include Curry’s and Maplin. These types of store may offer special deals on certain products at different times, so it might be worth exploring your high street to see where the cheaper options and best discounts are. These stores stock many brands of irons which means that you can compare different models and makes. This gives in store shopping an advantage over using the websites of individual brands.

Where to buy the top of the range irons

If it’s a top of the range iron you’re after, then you should go for a browse in a major department store. Debenhams and John Lewis are two such stores that offer the top of the range irons. These irons are likely to start around £70 and go upwards of £100 for the very best and flashiest. However, they do all come with long warrantees and you will have the security of a department store that you can return your iron to in no time at all and with no trouble. For those with a bit of money to spend this is probably the best option as you will get the best iron and the safest purchase.

Buying an iron online

If time is not of the essence then you might want to buy an iron online and get it delivered. This will provide you with a wider range of stores to choose from and will therefore increase your chances or getting the best deal. However, its worth remembering that irons are heavy and therefore they can cost a lost in postage and packaging. Therefore, if you are going for one of the cheaper irons then this probably isn’t the option for you, as you could end up spending more money on the postage and you will spend on the iron itself. For those looking at the more expensive models, it may be worth looking online as you may make a saving compared to the prices in store. If you are shopping online then you can try Amazon and even Ebay, as well as any website dedicated to electronic goods. If you do buy from these online vendors though, make sure you don’t buy a second hand product. When it comes to irons the safety issues involved mean that it really isn’t worth taking the risk on an older model and you want to ensure that your product is safe and comes with a guarantee.

Last update: 22/11/2017 on 13:56. All prices are updated daily.