How to choose a steam iron ?


A steam iron is the standard type of iron that you will need in your home. When you start looking at steam irons you’ll quickly realize that you have a world of options available to you and that the decision is quite a lot more complex than it is when it comes to choosing a travel iron. There are hundreds of irons available all boasting different features and all suited to different needs. This part of the article will take you through some of the things these irons offer.

Phillips Perfect Care Azur

One of the top of the range irons that you might want to consider is the Phillips Perfect Care Azur. The Iron was awarded the best mark on the Good Housekeeping Guide, a website that can usually be trusted to provide a good assessment of household products. The iron is light and easy to use, but despite this it has a huge water tank that means you can iron for long periods of time without having to stop or refill your iron. The iron runs for upwards of 15 minutes without running out of water. The Phillips iron is particularly strong and has a power high enough to remove even the toughest of creases in one or two strokes. You can expect to pay £100 for this iron.

Panasonic NIW

A competitor to the Phillips iron is that made by rival brand Panasonic. The Panasonic NIW has accurate temperature settings, and is one of the lighter irons on the market. However, it is also very slow to reach its temperature once you have set the iron. This iron is about £75 on the market, making it slightly cheaper than the Phillips Model.

Sabichi Digital Steam Iron 87218

The Sabichi Digital Steam Iron offers a much cheaper alternative to these two top of the range models. The iron is more basic in what it offers, but at only £29 it is considerably cheaper. Its got a much smaller water tank and can be a little fiddly to use and change the setting on, but at this much lower price you might want to consider it as an option. The iron is perfectly safe and will do the job as well as some of the more expensive irons, without some of the frills and features.

Wilkinsons £4 Iron

If you want to go right to the bottom of the scale and just get some clothes ironed as quickly and cheaply as possible, then there are very cheap and hassle free options available to you. Many reputable companies, shops and supermarkets offer irons at a very low price that will suffice for most people. These include Sainsbury’s, Tesco and Argos. The best and cheapest of these options however is Wilkinsons. Wilkinsons offer a tried and tested steam iron for just four pounds which will be suitable for most users. It has none of the features and special add-ons of the irons discussed above, but it will provide you with perfectly well ironed clothes.

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