Best Ice cream maker brands 


There are many brands to consider when thinking about an ice cream maker. There is a huge price difference between one model and another as well. The cheapest models start at only £25 whereas a top of the range ice cream maker will set you back upwards of £300. Because of this variation in price this part of the guide will treat the top of the range models, the mid range models and the more budget options, in order to advise you how to choose the best ice cream maker model within your price range.

Top of the Range Ice Cream Making Systems

Right at the top of the ice cream making range are the top models made by Cuisinart or the famous Sage brand endorsed by Heston Blumenthal. The Sage model is probably the single most impressive ice cream maker designed for standard home use. The machine offers something no other machine does: it automatically senses the hardness of the ice cream so that you don’t have to check when its ready. It means you can simply add your ingredients, press go, and wait for the perfect ice cream to emerge from the system. It also has 12 settings for different softness of ice cream so that you can make sorbets, ice creams, gelatos and frozen yoghurts all at the touch of a button. It can make a litre at a time which is enough for any large family. However, this incredible machine comes at a cost, setting the buyer back some £330 on average, with some variation depending on where you buy from.

The Cuisinart range offers models in different price ranges, but their more expensive models are something of a rival to the Heston Blumenthal ice cream making king. Their Gelato and Ice Cream Professional Maker comes in sleek silver and in fact makes more ice cream at once with a capacity of 1.5litres. It doesn’t have as many settings and it may require you to keep a closer eye on your ice cream as it makes, but its still an incredible model and a real competitor for the Sage model at a comparatively cheap £200.

The Mid Range Models

If you want to have some fun making ice cream but don’t have dreams of emulating Ben and Jerry then you might want to look at amid range model rather than spending hundreds of pounds. Cuisinart remain a brand to consider. Its Silver Ice Cream Maker is fully automatic and allows you to add ingredients whilst the machine is in motion. Its actually even bigger than the models discussed above with a 2 litre bowl, and it still produces decent ice cream. This model is only £75 and is therefore a better option for more casual users.

MagiMix is another mid-range manufacturer of ice cream makers that are worth considering. These are slightly cheaper and can be found in the £50 range. They don’t have built in freezers and will require you to freeze the ingredients for many hours separately. The machines do work with creams and yoghurts alike though and will produce a decent ice cream for a reasonable price.

The Basic Ice Cream Makers

At the bottom of the range of ice cream makers you have got the more basic models offer by Kenwood. These are white and do not impress visitors to your kitchen. They also require you to freeze your ingredients for 24 hours before use so you’re going to need to know well in advance that you are going to be making ice cream and get preparing. However, the machines are only £25 and can be made to produce good quality ice cream with time and effort so if it’s a bit of family fun you’re after and you wont be making ice cream every day then you might consider this option.

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