How to choose PC hi-fi speakers ?


Choosing PC hi-fi speakers really depends on what you are using the hi-fi speakers for. If you’re just in need of a pair of hi-fi speakers and have no particular use for them then normal set or relatively cheap hi-fi speakers will do. Basic PC hi-fi speakers from a decent manufacturer such as HP start from as little as £15 and for some people these will be perfectly adequate.

Its worth thinking about the brand you are going to buy. In general, hi-fi speakers made by PC companies like HP are reasonable, but the best hi-fi speakers are those made by companies who work more directly in sound and music. Some brands worth considering are Bose, Mitchell, Boston and Panasonic, as well as the models discussed below.

Film Buffs

If your passion is watching films then you can get surround sound style hi-fi speakers for your PC. These can still be relatively cheap. Logitech and Sandstrom are two major companies who offer this option and prices begin at as little as £40. These speaker systems will usually have two hi-fi speakers and a subwoofer which will provide a little bit of the surround sound sensation with some bass. The real surround sound options are going to cost a little more, starting at around £65. For this little bit extra you are going to get five hi-fi speakers and a subwoofer, and can start watching films as if you have a mini-cinema straight from your PC.

Serious about Music?

If you are serious about music and you want enjoy music at fantastic quality then upping the price you’re willing to pay is advisable. The sound quality and bass response on cheaper models can be a serious problem for those seriously passionate about music. Anything from Dolphin Music is a great shout, as these are actually designed with music production in mind, which of course needs to involve the highest quality of sound. These hi-fi speakers range from around £70 and go up towards the £200 mark, but they provide fantastic quality and are versatile.

Speakers for gamers

If you are a major gamer then you will want surround sound to immerse you into the true gaming experience. However, the main thing to remember is that most pc hi-fi speakers are in fact made for pc gaming or at least to be compatible with PC gaming. Its still worth staying clear of the cheap models, as the more you pay the better your gaming experience will be. A good quality set of PC hi-fi speakers that are great for gaming can still be reasonably priced though. One option is the CREATIVE A55 5.1 Gaming hi-fi speakers which cost £59.99 and are specifically designed to provide you with a gaming experience to remember.

One good place to look before you make your choice is the website PCMag, who have compiled a list of the top 10 hi-fi speakers specifically designed for PC use.

Last update: 22/11/2017 on 13:56. All prices are updated daily.