How to get the most out of your hairdryer


There are many products you can use to get even more out of your hairdryer and there are other hair styling products that you can use in conjunction with your blow dryer. This part of the article will discuss some of those and consider how you might use these products to get the most out of your new hairdryer.

Heat Protection Spray

You should think about using a heat protection spray with your blow dryer to protect your hair. The spray coats your hair with a protective layer to protect it against heats of up to 180 degrees. This spray also smells lovely and leaves a nice shine on your hair. One company that makes heat protection spray is Tresemme and their spray is under £5. A rival product is the Vo5 spray which is also cheap. There are much more expensive sprays on the market too such as Mark Hill but as long as you use one you will be protecting your hair from the damage it sustains from everyday blow drying at a high heat.

Ceramic Blow Drying Brushes

You can get specialist blow drying brushes which heat up and dry your hair faster. It heats the cuticles in your hair making them more malleable which means they can be styled more effectively. The hotter the hair is the more it can be styled and these products provide you with a professional look hair finish. The round brushes give you a more bouncy blow whereas a square flat paddle brush gives you a straight blow dry.

Diffusers and add-ons

Many of the blow dryers discussed here come with diffusers. These are for drying curly hair and allow you to keep your curls in tact. There is also an add-on nozzle which directs the heat which comes with almost all hair dryers. This concentrates the heat onto the cuticles of the hair and provides a smoother, sleeker and shinier finish. Unless you are simply using the hair dryer to get dry as quickly as possible you will want to use this nozzle as it will make a big difference to your final look.

Frizz-ease products and volumizing sprays

Depending on your hair, you might want to consider frizz-ease or volumizing sprays. Both these products are applied to the hair before you blow dry when the hair is wet. The frizz-ease spray is for curly and frizzy hair and it smooths the hair out and creates a sleeker look. It smooths the cuticles giving you smoothers curls. John Frieda are one company who offer an excellent frizz-ease serum which is very affordable. On the other hand, volumizing spray is for flat or dull hair that may appear a bit lifeless. This is sprayed onto the roots of the hair when wet and it gives volume to the hair when blow drying.

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