Best Hair clipper brands


There are many brands to choose from when it comes to a pair of hair clippers and this section of the guide will be dedicated to some of the reputable manufactures that you can trust and that you should consider before making your purchase.

The Top End of the Range

At the top end of the range you’ll want to consider the manufacturer Remington, who are one of the first companies to be involved with hair clipping and are often attributed with the invention of the electric razor although it was in fact first developed by an individual inventor. Remington hair clippers are probably the most trustworthy and long lasting on the market and the modern ones feature a great set of modern settings and functions. For the latest Remington models you are still only looking at around £70 which is remarkably cheap when you consider the cost of a hair cut. The Remington HC5950 is a touch controlled model with a stylish touch screen display. This model really is the future of hair clipping as it has moved beyond the models discussed above which have plastic add-ons that control the length of the hair. This model allows you to change the length of the blade by time 0.2mm increments using the touchscreen so that you can cut your hair to the precise length that you want. This allows you do to your fringe or sideburns differently to the rest of your hair so that you really can recreate the barbers cut from your own bathroom.

Another top of the range model is the BaByliss for Men Super Crew Cut model which fits into the palm of your hand so that you can grip it and cut your own hair with ease. This model is a rival to the Remington model discussed above and is similarly prices though it is often available at a discounted rate. The model is not as fancy as the Remington touchscreen one but it may be better for those planning to cut their own hair as it is specially designed to be held by the user.

The Bargain Models

At the bottom end of the scale you can still get a pair of hair clippers from a very reputable brand. Even Remington offer excellent hair clippers in the £25 range and whilst they don’t have the fancy modern features of the models discussed above, they nevertheless provide an excellent cut. BaByliss are an even cheaper option whose hair clippers start at around £15. These are not wireless and have a cord which makes it slightly more difficult, especially if cutting your own hair. However, for the price of a single hair cut they still provide you with a close and even trim. You may need to get a friend or family member to help with these clippers to ensure that you haven’t missed any parts of your hair. Around the middle range of hair clippers are a couple of other companies worth considering, Wahl and Trevor Sorbie. For these models you should expect to pay between £30 and £60 and you should get a cordless pair of hair clippers that are trustworthy. If you stick to these brands you’ll get a great pair of clippers which will provide you with years worth of haircuts for little more than the cost of a cut itself.

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