Where to buy a fridge ?


The final part of this article will discuss where you might go to buy a fridge when you know what kind it is that you are after. The place of purchase largely comes down to how much you are going to spend on the fridge. Some stores like supermarkets tend to cater towards the lower end of the market, where as electrical stores and department stores will give you a greater range if you are looking to spend over £500. For the vintage fridges, you’ll need to do a lot more research and go to a specialist.


If you want to spend £100 to £300 on a reasonable basic but decent fridge then why not try your local supermarket. Unlike ovens and cookers, you don’t need a great deal of installation to get your fridge going (unless you are having a fitted fridge of course). This makes buying from a supermarket a pretty viable option. Remember that major supermarkets also offer online buying options and you may be able to secure a free or cheap delivery this way which is something to consider if your car is not going to be big enough to pick up your fridge.


There are loads of online options for buying fridges as well. Curry’s have a great website which in fact caters for the whole price range. They stock the cheaper fridges made by Beko and Logik discussed above, the middle range units such as AEG and Bosch and many of the more top end units like those made by Miele and even Smeg. This makes it easy to compare the advantages and disadvantages of each and work out whether its worth you spending that little bit extra on moving up the price range. You can even compare the capacity and energy ratings of all their products on the website. For this reason we would recommend Curry’s as the most convenient place to buy from, though of course it may not be the cheapest and it is worth investigating to see if there are better deals available elsewhere.

High Street

As well as Currys, you also have other high street options. Department stores such as John Lewis stock many fridges although they tend to cater towards the top end. For more basic fridges on the high street you’ll probably want to check out a store like Argos. Remember that these stores, like the supermarkets discussed above, have the capacity to deliver and you can order from them online, so that’s another option to consider.

Mini Fridges and Vintage Fridges

If it’s a specialist fridge you’re after like one of the mini fridges or vintage fridges discussed here then we would recommend that you carry out a little more of your own research. There are many mini fridge companies online that have a great range you can browse. If its just a standard tiny mini fridge that you want then you can get those on the high street at Maplin or through Amazon. If you’re going to splash out on renovating a vintage fridge then you’ll be spending enough money to get a personal consultation with your chosen company who will go through all the options and costs with you.

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