How to choose a ‘vintage’ fridge ?


If you’re a modern man or woman and you’re having a new kitchen, one of the things you’ll probably consider in 2014 is whether to get a vintage fridge. This is something of a modern trend and many vintage fridges litter the pages of Pintrest and Instagram.


Perhaps this is a trend which owes much to Smeg, one of the more top end fridge brands who have been making fridges for generations. These fridges are famous for their visual appeal and come in a large variety of eye catching colours with an old style handle reminiscent of a 60s ice cream parlour. These fridges cost around £100 and are also immensely reliable (especially compared to other vintage fridge options) so it might be worth considering one of these.

The Vintage Trend

Renovating old fridges though, is the ultimate in modern kitchen design. There are even special websites solely dedicated to vintage fridges such as The Vintage Fridge Company. The basic point is to renovate a very old fridge or even a unit which was not initially designed as a refrigerator and produce a stunning modern fridge interior within a piece of ancient bespoke furniture. These renovated vintage fridges come in all shapes and sizes, from wooden units to iron and metal constructions. These fridges really are works of art and will make you’re the envy of all your guests and neighbours. However, as we know, art is expensive, and these are no different. For some of the larger renovated fridge units you’re going to have to pay upwards of £10000. For some this might seem ridiculous, but for others it will be as good a place as any to invest in your home. The modern trend of vintage fridges shows no signs of stopping anyway, so expect to see more and more of such products over social media and in the kitchens of your wealthy friends in the near future.

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