Other Fans: Desk Fans, Portable Fans, Travel Fans, etc..

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All the fans discussed above are all large units for cooling entire rooms. They are more permanent household solutions even in the case of the standalone fan that can be stored or moved. You might have other fan needs that these two larger solutions don’t solve, or it may be that you don’t need to go as far as purchasing one of these larger more permanent units. This part of the article will discuss different types of fan that relate to specific individual needs and advise you as to which fan is right for you.

Desk Top Fans

You might consider a fan just to provide a bit of fresh air of cooling during the summer months while you work on your computer. If this is what you want then a small 12 to 14 inch desk fan will do the job for you. One company making these is Blackspur, who provide a relatively unattractive but full functioning fan with two settings for just £25. If you want to take a desk fan to work then you might go even smaller and get the Q-Connect 6 inch desk fan which will provide a gentle breeze for just one person without disturbing others. These are available for around £15. For those looking at the top of the range, Dyson provide a state of the art desktop fan for over £200.

Tower Fans

If you want to cool a little more, such as a room or a small office, then putting a tower fan in the corner of your room might be a good solution. These provide more cooling than the desk fan but they are a little more bulky and will take up more power as well. They are perfectly suited to cooling a small office where computers can overheat and cause the temperature to rise to uncomfortable levels. Q-Connect are a good bet here and their tower fans start around £70.

Handheld Fans

Handheld Fans are good for travelling to other countries (hot ones obviously!). These can cost as little as 50p (in Halfords for instance) and rarely rise to over £5. They are powered by two AA batteries and will provide comfort when travelling or staying in countries without proper air conditioning systems. These fans are a must for those going to such places, and you may seriously regret not taking one.

USB Fans

Another great option these days is a USB fan. These are for use when working on a computer. They tend to be very small, usually about 4 inches in diameter, so they can easily be stored in a desk drawer or in a bag. They plug into the side or front of the computer and use the power of the computer to run. They are silent and won’t bother others so they are perfect for use in communal offices or libraries. These only have one setting and wont cool you down in the height of an African summer, but they will suffice for cooling you down in any workplace in the UK.

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