Where to buy a Electric Toothbrush ?


You are not going to find it difficult to get hold of an electric toothbrush. Most supermarkets will give you a wide set of choices of both adults and kids brushes and they tend to offer seasonal deals on particular products. You might want to let the deal influence your choice, as most of these brushes made by the reputable brands discussed here will do everything you need them to. Some companies, such as Oral B, are specifically connected to certain supermarkets. Oral B is connected to Tesco, so if you view their online website you will be directed to Tesco to make your purchase. Other toothbrush companies will let you order direct from them online.

Buying an electric toothbrush on the high street.

Boots are another go-to place for electric toothbrushes. They offer the entire range of brushes from all different manufacturers. Their electric toothbrushes start from as little as £25 and go up to the top of the range where you can pay upwards of £200. A look at their website or in store will give you a good idea of the options available to you.

Getting an electric toothbrush online

Other online outlets are also worth checking for better prices and deals. Amazon and Argos among others, offer a decent range of electric toothbrushes for both kids and adults. The Colgate website is quite useful and actually directs you to a range of outlets that stock their products online and in store, so that you can have a look and see which is the cheaper option for the product you have chosen. Their website, as well as some others, also contains a huge number of user reviews so that you can see other peoples experiences and take on board their advice when it comes to making your final decision.

With the kids brushes, be careful when ordering online because you sometimes miss out on the choice of design. Selecting a Disney brush may lead to you receiving a Little Mermaid or a Peter Pan brush, and you might not have the option of choosing between them. This could be quite a disaster if your child gets the wrong brush, and could have significant repercussions making it a challenge to get them cleaning their teeth.

Best electric toothbrush brands

On the whole, the main piece of advice to stick to is: keep to the 3 main brands. These are Oral B, Colgate and Sonicare (remember that Braun is affiliated with other companies and they actually power the brush rather than making the brush themselves). All of these companies offer good electric toothbrushes which have all been certified and regulated by the British Dental Foundation. The more fancy and designer brushes are more expensive than the cheaper basic models, as you would expect, but the important thing to remember is that all these brushes have been tested and approved and whichever you choose, you will guarantee good dental health for you and your family. This gives you the freedom of choice, knowing that you can spend what you are comfortable with and be sure to get a good product regardless.

Last update: 22/11/2017 on 13:56. All prices are updated daily.