Best electric toothbrush brands


There are four major toothbrush brands which will mostly be familiar to you. These are Colgate, Oral B, Braun and Sonicare. Where Colgate and Oral B may be the most famous, this is partly because of their reputation for toothpaste and regular toothbrushes rather than electric toothbrushes and for their huge advertising campaigns. On the other hand, Braun are probably the most famous manufacturer of electric toothbrushes and Sonicare are another brand who specialize in this market. Sonicare are a branch of the electronics company Philips.


The Phillips Sonicare toothbrush is really one worth considering and is recommended by a lot of dentists. Because of its sonic vibrations it actually does remove more plaque than other types. This is a genuine advantage rather than advertising talk. The brush also whitens teeth. This brush is fairly expensive though, and will cost you around £150.

Oral B

Half the price is the Oral B Triumph 500. This model is also recommended by the British Dental Health Foundation and may not be as effective as the Sonicare, is still a great toothbrush. This model also features those things discussed above, such as a timer and vibrator to let you know how long you should be brushing for and when to stop.

Half the price again is the Oral B TriZone 1000. This is around £30 and is a good solid electric toothbrush which will do a good job with less frills attached. Good for most first time users or those who may not be sure if an electric toothbrush is for them.


Braun are connected to Oral B and are a pretty reputable range and any of their models are reliable and easy to use. The Braun range is wide and there are brushes at all prices available. They offer some specialist models for children, which will be discussed below.


The Colgate range is perhaps the range designed for real teeth fanatics or those who want to keep their teeth in the best possible condition. However, it does mean paying real attention to detail and cleaning practices. The Colgate ProClinical A1500 for example, has different speeds which are designed to suit particular areas of the mouth. Of course, this means you will have to know the areas of your mouth and the right speeds for them, so it may be better suited to those who want to spend a lot of time thinking about dental hygiene rather than your everyday user who likes to clean their teeth quickly and get out in the morning.

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