DVD vs Blu-Ray


These days the Blu-Ray player (at least claims) to have taken over from the traditional DVD player. For some people this is true, but for others the DVD player remains the trustworthy and precferrable option. In many ways the Blu-Ray exeeds the capacity of the DVD player and blow it out of the water, but in other ways the DVD player still dominates and is a preferable machine.

The Blu Ray

In the early 200s the Blu-Ray player burst onto the scene in Japan and shortly afterwards came across the water to the UK and the US. The Blu-Ray disc can hold more information and this means that it can hold a much higher quality of recording. The difference between a DVD and a Blu-Ray is not small and can be detected by the naked eye very easily. If you’re a film buff or someone immensely proud of your home entertainment system then the Blu-Ray player is something you should really consider as there is no doubting the improvement on quality when compared to the DVD Player.

The DVD player’s benefits

For other people, the Blu-Ray has just not taken off and cannot compete with the DVD player. There are two main reasons for this. The first is that the DVD quality is quite high already, so for some this improvement is not necessary. The second and more compelling reason is that DVD dics remain incredibly cheap. The average cost of a new Blu-Ray is over £10 or even £20. The second hand Blu-Ray market is very limited as well and not only do costs remain high but options become very limited.

On the other hand, the second hand DVD market is huge and prices are incredibly low. There are many DVDs for same at stores like CEX for as little as 25p and most cost well under £7 or £8 even for relatively new released. There are also thousands of older films that have been re-made for DVD but have not been re-mastered for Blu-Ray. Ultimately with a DVD player you lose a bit of quality but you lower the costs dramatically and give yourself a much wider range of films to choose from.

The Solution

There is an easy solution to this problem. Nowadays, most of the major companies offer a combined DVD/Blu Ray Player. Sony and Samsung are among the reputable manufacturers to offer such models. These combined players will allow you to choose great quality films when you feel it is necessary, as it may be with highly visual Hollywood releases. However, it will also allow you to take full advantage of the wider range of films available. These models aren’t too expensive either and a state of the art Samsung or Sony model will only set you back something in the region of £50.

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