Best DVD Player brands


For a simple DVD Player there isn’t a huge amount of variance between one model and another. There are a few things worth consider though, and a few things you should know in advance. One thing that’s definitely worth knowing is that the life span of a DVD player is not as long as you might thing. They tend to last a much shorter time than a TV or video games consoles. DVD players work with a laser eye which gets slower and struggles to read discs as effectively after long periods of use. With costs so low, repairing a DVD player is a thing of the past so you should expect to replace your DVD player every few years or so. This is also reflected in the warrantees offered by reputable manufacturers and vendors. A TV warrantee can be upwards of 5 years whereas a DVD player is usually protected for only two years or less.

The top of the range

A good quality DVD player is likely to be manufactured by a well-known company including household names such as Samsung and Sony. The newer Samsung DVD players cost around £0 and as well as their slick design and small size they have a number of added features that you might like to make use of. Many models contain a USB port which allows you to plug your memory stick into to your DVD player which lets you play movies, look at your photos, listen to your music and even homemade videos through the machine. This reduces the number of devices you’ll need plugged into your TV saving you money and effort as well as reducing the number of annoying cables feeding into the back of your unit.

The Sony models can be found a few pounds cheaper at around £25. These models tend not to have the useful USB port feature but they do come in a specialist small size making them a perfect option for a second TV such as a bedroom or kitchen TV unit.

Another company to consider in this price range is Logik, whose models come with no frills attached but are fine pieces of equipment that look nice and play any DVD to a high standard. They also come with a very easy to use and simple remote control. You should expect to pay £25 for one of these.

The cheaper models

There are some cheaper DVD players available, though with the top end so cheap, and with the price difference between top end and low end so small, it may be worth paying the extra £5 or £10 for a better model.

If you want the cheapest possible though, you should consider a brand like Essentials, whose standard DVD player sets the buyer back just £20. Another cheap model is offered by Toshiba at just £22. Even cheaper models are sometimes found in supermarkets or online, but be careful if you are going to go for a second-hand model as the shelf life of these machines is not the longest so you may have more problems than you expected.

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